Happy Chinese New Year!


(shen neean kwai le!)

These were taken a block away from our Texas house last February.  We live in old Chinatown, right behind a huge temple.  Our house literally looks right onto its giant yellow roof.  It smells like incense on Saturdays.   I’m sad we’re not living in it now to be able to go again…although I don’t miss being woken up by the drums three weekends in a row :)

It was freezing last year (notice the hat and gloves) and is freezing this year as well.  So cold that Texas has canceled school on rumor of snow tomorrow.  Parking was crazy, so it was cool we could just walk over.  It was fun to watch the guys roll out these huge wheels of fireworks and we waited forever for them to light it even though I was freeeezing. (It was probably like, 50.)

My husband always wants me to go up to random people and speak Chinese.   That night was no exception.  I always wuss out, partly because I’m always afraid they’re not actually Chinese (I always wait until I hear them speaking it first.  ahem. )  And partly because I’m just a wuss and I psyche myself out.  If speaking in public is bad, imagine speaking Chinese in public.  I just barfed a little.  Like that time I saw Yao Ming’s parents outside of a Rockets basketball game and he told me to go talk to them and I couldn’t remember the word for basketball to save my life.  All I could think of to say was “Your son plays tennis really well!” Yeah, so that would have been awkward.

Anyway, I digress.  (I’m in a weird mood today)  Eventually I made my persistent husband give up and go home (way after midnight passed…what time do you set off fireworks if not midnight?!) and about an hour later in bed we heard them go off.  I was glad we didn’t wait that whole extra hour! I surely would have frozen.

I always wanted to be in China for new years but this was a close second.

Happy year of the rabbit everyone!


9 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. How did you learn Chinese? I lived in China for 2 years, and the Chinese New Year festivals were the best celebrations and best fireworks I’ve ever seen! Xin Nian Kuai Le!

    • I’ve heard they are incredible! Like, fireworks as far as you can see! I studied it for three years in college and spent a 3 months there one summer. That’s so cool you lived there for 2 years! You learned Mandarin too I take it?

      • That’s great you took Mandarin in college. I wish it was available instead of the German I studied and can’t remember much of at all. I did learn Mandarin, but not really until I was overseas. I worked with a Chinese language tutor when I first arrived and picked it up quickly hearing it all the time.

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