Take 7 – Confessions

These quick takes are more like confessions.  Super short confessions about my trials and tribulations with pregnancy tests.


I hadn’t bought pregnancy tests since Nov. 2009.  I believe they only feed the impatient Alison.  That and my husband didn’t want me wasting the money and torturing myself.  I like that he doesn’t like me to torture myself.


Well, minus the pregnancy test over the summer that the doctor made me take, because from my chart I “looked pregnant!” and it must be true if the doctor thinks so.  Welcome to my world, sir.  And it was (surprise) negative.  And $50.  Ouch.


This week, I bought three from the dollar store.  I blame it on my husband not being around to stop me.


Two of them were negative.


I want to throw the third one away before I have a chance to uselessly use it.  I will not be buying anymore.


Implantation cramps are probably something that a sub/in-fertile woman made up.  I’m pretty sure those can’t actually exist in real life.  It was probably just gas.


The lady at the dollar store asked if they work, because she needed to take one.  Work as in how?  Allow you to pee on them?  Give you positives?  Or tell you the cold-hard truth?  I’m pretty sure I need a bigger data set to be able to tell that.  Either way, I said a quick prayer for her as I left.  Some people don’t hope for pregnancy.  Some people worry about it instead.  Both aren’t easy.

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11 thoughts on “Take 7 – Confessions

  1. “Some people don’t hope for pregnancy. Some people worry about it instead. Both aren’t easy.”

    I know that’s true. And on either side of the coin…I think it is awful hard to truly understand the other side.

    I’ve never used internet cheapie pregnancy tests…and I think how silly I am for not having more foresight. I always end up spending all that extra money on the ones in the store.

  2. Thank you for the laugh!!!

    I have been running through pregnancy tests this cycle since I got them online so cheap. I swear it just makes everything crazier!!!

    After I run through those, who knows? :)

  3. Brilliantly written, Alison. I could feel with you all the way. And witty, too.

    Implantation cramps do exist. I’m not sure if telling you that just feeds your anxiety . . . but I had them, and assumed they were menstrual cramps. I also bled a little, which made me even more convinced that I was just having my period. So . . . you never know.

    • nooo!!! you ruined my defense mechanism! ha.
      in all seriousness, I was driving down the highway and suddenly felt like I was about to keel over, and then it disappeared. what do I think? why what any insane person thinks…my baby just implanted!! yeah. definitely gas.

  4. That’s exactly why I stopped taking PTs last February. Seeing the “negative” over and over again was just too depressing. I tortured myself with 7 months of negatives before I finally stopped. And now I’m doing it again on Sunday…

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