Take 7 – I lost count


Thank you all for your comments on my post the other day.  I hate the idea that someone can never understand a situation unless they’ve been it in, because then that leaves everyone forever never understanding people different from themselves, so I try and try to explain things to have people see it from my (our) perspective.  It might be a useless battle and maybe its “impossible to understand unless you’ve been there” after all, but.  To everyone that commented and isn’t sub/infertile, Thanks.  It means the world to me.


Last week I had the pleasure of confirming that bloggers do exist in real life too!!  And contrary to my husband’s original opinion, they are not all men pretending to be women or ax murders (verdict is still out on the rest of you though…). After a year and a half of blogging, I finally met my first blogger, in Mexico no less!  Martha trying to be Mary and I got together for a Creighton class in Spanish (transparente moco, anyone?) and then went to mass and adoration as well!  I got to meet so many of her friends and the brothers and sisters at the French order and let me tell you, she is popular!  I have forgotten what its like to know the people you’re at mass with!  She also gave me a ride home, as I discovered apparently we do not live in the best area of Mexico City…hmm…I came home so happy and ecstatic that I had “friends in Mexico” (I met another girl as well and exchanged numbers) that my husband said “I only wish you met her earlier!”  Umm, I would have.  But you thought she might be a man…remember that?  Don’t worry, she does and she’ll probably remind you as well! And she did.  It was too funny.


This counts as a second take because I got to meet up with her again!  We had such a good time and needed way more time to talk that we met up again on Saturday with both our husbands.  We talked more about what she’s doing trying to bring Napro to Mexico and let me tell you people, it is BIG.  Waaayyy bigger than it sounds on her blog (yes, she underestimates it online!).  So please, send up your prayers.  Mexico needs her and she needs as much support and “angels” as she can get!  Its a big task for anyone and she’s already a busy person!  Her and her husband are such a sweet, beautiful, passionate couple, I loved hearing how on fire they were about Napro and their adoption.  Plus they took us to the coolest places in Mexico with the best food! And an amazing painter’s house where we bought some beautiful art :)  And…we made them late to everything because we wouldn’t stop talking!  (or me…almost crying…ahem).  It was truly an awesome experience and I hope we can meet up again when I get back!


Ok, one final thing about Martha…we look like we could be sisters!  I have had slight complex since moving to Mexico that I just feel like an outsider because I don’t “look” like I belong.  My husband has repeatedly told me that no, there are Mexican’s that look like me, the real problem is my Spanish (ouch, but true!).  Meeting Martha totally confirmed that and having “friends in Mexico” (yes, I used to have no friends!) really motivated me to learn Spanish.  Unfortunately (or fortunately…)


I have a tentative thesis defense date!  And my head just exploded from the reality of that statement!  I wish I felt the use of more exclamation marks was more appropriate!  This is huge because I might. actually.  finish. this. degree!  Yes, I have had my doubts over these last 5 years but the end is in sight!  So so in sight!  I have so much to do until then that I somehow convinced my adviser that I could accomplish.  But still!  She thinks it can happen as well!


Everyone’s heard how President Hu of China has been visiting the White House, right?  Well, I heard this chisme from a guy in our lab this morning.  Last night Chinese pianist Lang Lang played a song from a 1960’s classic Chinese movie about the Korean war (obviously from the Chinese perspective).  When this man heard about the song being played, he said that it was pretty offensive to be invited to the White House and play this song, very disrespectful of America.  He was very surprised it was cleared to be played in front of the President, no less.  Apparently all the Chinese websites and new stations are picking it up and covering this story of how China came and played that song, but the White House seems to have no idea.  This is the only story I can find in English about it and it doesn’t mention anything.

I guess I find it comical because, American doesn’t know Chinese or Chinese culture enough to be offended!  Pretty interesting anyways.


Remember last year I had that ordeal with the King Cake?  Well, this year on Three Kings Day there was another cake, complete with more babies (it was a long cake).  And GUESS WHAT?  I got the baby (more correctly, I almost decapitated the baby cutting my slice but that still counts).  I’m not taking it to mean anything thought because, well, my mom also got a baby (I told you, it was a big cake).


Hope you have a good weekend!  Go check out Jen for more Quick Takes!

4 thoughts on “Take 7 – I lost count

  1. I’m past baby age these days, but I had only one. He is my miracle baby. But, he is now 30 and at that age they don’t like to be called that, do they?

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