7 life lessons I’ve learned from Mexican novelas

After I revealed that our new favorite TV show (actually, my husband’s favorite!) is Profugas del Destino (<—That link will tell you all you need to know!), I’ve decided to do a little spin on my Take 7 this week and share 7 valuable life lessons I’ve learned by watching this novela.  Enjoy!


If you are an orphan being raised in a convent by some friendly priests and nuns, it is highly likely that one or both of your biological parents are in close contact to you everyday.  Even more highly probable is that your father is the local drug lord.  I’m just trying to save you a few tears.


If you’ve been infertile for 7 or 8 years, you will concieve!…


… But only because you weren’t really infertile after all!  It turns out that your lying, scumbag husband actually got a vasectomy 8 years ago and let you believe you were infertile for all that time!  The only reason that you conceived is because you were cheating on your husband!  (Let’s not go that route folks…) AND it will be the town doctor that tells you all this!  Hippo oaths mean nothing!


It is impossible to tell something confidential to someone in private.  No matter where you are when you try to have this conversation (in the woods, in a store at a mall, a child’s classroom), someone will overhear you and that someone is 90% likely to be your arch-nemesis and/or the subject of your gossiping.  Just keep your secrets to yourself!


You can ride the metro for days and never see anyone that resembles someone who remotely looks like they could be on a novela.  Standards of beauty in Mexico seem unreasonably high for the general population.


If you buy your girlfriend all the equipment to open her own beauty salon, you can not be upset when she cuts other men’s hair.  Don’t buy people gifts you don’t want them using.  End of story.


So, if I’d been studying Spanish harder, I’d probably have more life lessons. So, learn Spanish to understand that last 10%.  That’s all I got.


Ok, go see Jen for more Quick Takes…probably not about novelas!


8 thoughts on “7 life lessons I’ve learned from Mexican novelas

  1. I am rolling on the floor! This made my afternoon – honestly. I love Spanish too and have tried to learn it over the years. As in, I probably sound like a two year old. One person recommended that I watch Spanish TV – a decent suggestion right? UGH. I just couldn’t – the drama, the bodies, the betrayal, it’s ridiculous! For such a lovely people, I can’t understand why their entertainment is so silly. Ayeyaya. Maybe the silliness IS what is entertaining…hmmmm. ‘Glad you learned some life lessons and shared them with the rest of us – you just never know when one’ll come in handy!

  2. Oh my, this was funny :).
    Thanks so much for the laugh. I’m still chuckling at #4.

    When I was in college back in LA, my sister and I had an old black and white TV set with the rabbit ears that caught 2 channels (and both of them fuzzy). During my lunch break mid-afternoon, I would turn it on and of course, all that’s on network TV mid-afternoon were soaps…and I got hooked to I think One Life to Live (can’t remember – this was 10 years ago). It was so ridiculously silly and dramatic that it was really entertaining! And addictive :).

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