I never thought I’d feel this way about socks

I mentioned way back last year (I get to use that joke at least once!) that I was knitting some socks.  Boy did they take me a long time!  [For what its worth, I would have finished way earlier had the Mexican security agents bothered to read the TSA guidelines and realized that knitting needles are NOT fireworks nor dangerous weapons, but are specifically exempt from being confiscated :(]  Anyways, these little guys were worth it. And they’ve confirmed their worth by surviving their first bout with the washing machine!   So, I’m doubly glad.  I about had a heart attack when I realized I washed them before I took a picture to prove they existed.

I wanted to make socks precisely because I’ve heard that they are very hard to make.  If I were a bug, I’d have totally been killed by that giant buzzing neon light by now.  What I learned is that socks are indeed a huge pain to make, but not so much because of complicated knitting patterns, but because they take forever.  Especially when you decide to go against the directions and make them calf high (which on my chunky German calves, still don’t make it very high.  I forgot to measure the hypotenuse!)  And I didn’t even make them with the smallest needles possible! (Which would only have increased the time).

Anyway, here they are in all their glory, completed using 4 double point needles, as you can see in the first picture.  I think the self-striping yarn is pretty nifty.

All that work and I'm only this far?? Picture time!


One looks slightly bigger because I'd already tried it on and stretched it out


I think they look better on :)

Oh, and if you’re curious how I, a self taught knitter, figured out how to “turn the gusset” and “graft the toe” with reasonable success on the first try, I give all credit to this lady on youtube, who, with her charming British accent, can take you step by step through a whole sock pattern and lay it out easy-peasy. And her voice lowers your blood pressure – if you don’t fall asleep first!

Have you ever knitted socks?  Have you ever gotten something unlawfully confiscated by the TSA and almost cried like a baby?  Please don’t say its just me on both counts!

17 thoughts on “I never thought I’d feel this way about socks

  1. Umm, no part of you can be described as chunky.
    And, awesome job! I need to dig out my crocheting. Probably won’t happen until after the wedding…

  2. I love those socks! Great job!
    Bummer about TSA – I used to fly with a crochet hook and never had any problems, but I was also a little nervous about the knitting nedles.

  3. *needles

    And I should add, I surely would have cried like a baby if anything had been confiscated :). But, I’ve proven I cry at the drop of a hat…for anything…haha.

    • ha! yeah, in the moment i realized what was more ridiculous…that i got my needles taken (they let me check my backpack at the gate actually) or that i was about to cry about that? so i stopped myself…barely. so i probably still looked like a fool :) oh well.

  4. That is very cool.

    Introduced to your blog by Rebecca at Feel My Love.

    Been following for a little while. I’m envious of people who can knit or crochet. All I can do is cross-stitch! When I have time, that is.

    • Cool, and welcome! Thanks for commenting.
      I’m finding that watching TV shows in Spanish and plane rides are the perfect time to knit, so this may be a life stage thing :)

  5. Hilarious.

    And even though I’ve made bread daily in the past, I can’t get over how much work knitting socks is and how I could never work on them for hours and hours when I could just get them at the store! Of course they wouldn’t be like these socks though… I’m glad they survived the wash.

    • yeah, there’s definitely something NOT instantaneously gratifying about it! plus, after all that time to finish one, you still have to make another! geez. i did see a pattern to knit two socks at once, one inside the other, so i might try that. i’m happy i know how, and i might knit them for gifts, but that will probably be it.

  6. I’m glad your determination in not following knitting rules so precisely – paid off. Those socks are muy precioso! I”m a bit of a rule breaker myself when it comes to these things, for example, I can’t follow a recipe to save my life – and my cooking doesn’t always turn out badly! ‘Sorry about your knitters gettin’ taken’, they’ve done that for my needlepoint sheers too…now I take nail-clippers. Blessings on you and your cozy toes!

  7. All you blog ladies are so dang crafty!!!! I am going to have to just sit back and be awestruck! Seriously, you have talent and perseverance! Those socks are amazing!!

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