Giving Gratitude 12.20.10

Been a while since I’ve done this…so I’m back to it, starting with

Hot water. That it exists somewhere, although that somewhere isn’t here.  Cold/luke-warm showers are great for waking you up, but they are tortuous to endure.  I can’t wait until we can have hot water showers while we visit family for Christmas.  It will be glorious.

Cold weather. It makes my husband not only endure but suggest cuddling, which I am a fan of :)  We may have to move north for this reason alone.

Mexican nativity sets. I realize that most (all?) churches in the states have nativity scenes somewhere on the church grounds, but I have never seen anything that compares to the intricacy of the one at our local church here (but I am a new-ish Catholic!).  It is truly beautiful and expansive, covering the terrain, all the characters, and the stars in the night sky.  I feel like I could stare at it forever and really feel like I was there witnessing the birth of the Christ-child.

Online friends. I didn’t start a blog to make friends.  I honestly didn’t think anyone would read this blog besides the people I knew in real life.  And I am shy about emailing people I don’t know.  But then I discovered network of women who were dealing with similar situation as I found myself in and it has been a blessing to have their example, encouragement, and incite-fullness to help me remember perspective as we travel this road together.  I have several friends in real life also dealing with sub-fertility but while I have been fairly open about our struggles, it is hard to receive reciprocation and openly share about it with them.  Sometimes I believe it is because they are holier than I am and are not as broken by the realization of their sub-fertility.  And then this past week I virtually attended a baby shower for the woman who was responsible for helping me pursue learning the Creighton method.  And while it was surreal and hilarious and my husband thought I was mildly crazy, I appreciate this network and their openness more than I ever thought I would.

One thought on “Giving Gratitude 12.20.10

  1. I am so grateful for online friends, too! A few months ago when I got on here I had NO idea where it would lead me :) So glad I found all of you.. It was fun “meeting” you the other night ;)

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