Habit Forming – now with patterns!

I am often found with knitting needles in my hands these days.  That is, if I’m not in lab or eating, of course.

Someone wanted to see pictures of what else I’ve made lately…so here they are!

I’m getting good at hats.  Here’s another one I made:

You can find the pattern for the hat and matching scarf here. Its kind of hard to see in these pictures, but it used a cable stitch to make a funky little pattern (much more visible if you click the link).  My friend liked it so much she wants a MATCHING one!  And she has a big head too…so we’ll be Matching Hatted Moonheads!

Here’s another one I made for my little nephew.

He doesn’t look convinced.  And yes, I purposely made the pompom of similar noggin’ size.  So cute!  (Sorry, no pattern here – I got it from a book).

I’m also working on a scarf and the best yet, SOCKS!  Which are taking waaayyyy longer than the approximate “8 hours” on the instructions.  I don’t know who they were trying to fool!  They will be worth it though…stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Habit Forming – now with patterns!

  1. oh my goodness, those are SO cute! I’m learning to knit, but I only know how to do a straight line. lol I don’t really understand patterns yet…hopefully I will someday!

    • Yeah I got a really good book and watched some youtube videos…they’re very helpful! But now when I’m trying something new I just have to do it by trial and error. It takes a while but its the only way I’ll learn!

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