Día de Gracias – en Mexico

I told my husband a few weeks ago that the first time we don’t spend a major (read, Thanksgiving or Christmas) holiday with our families, we’ll be officially “adults”.  I guess we’re adults now, since we spent this Thanksgiving here in Mexico celebrating with our new ex-pat friends.  Some things that made this experience unique:

– Dinner at 7:00pm because most people had to work.  Its hard to digest all that food when you eat it so late!

– Yeast, or levadura as I luckily looked up before I set out on my grocery trip, is not sold in all grocery stores.  Fortunately, I eventually found some and was able to bring homemade rolls to dinner which were heartily appreciated.

– Cheddar cheese is also not sold in Mexico…except at Walmart!  Props to my husband for stopping there to complete our cheesy mashed potatoes.

– Made mashed potatoes and rolls without a mixer.  “Like a pilgrim” my mom said!

– Walking 15 blocks carrying potatoes and rolls is fun stuff.

– No TV with no football showing.

– Conversation with these ex-pats is really interesting but hard to come by sometimes. How do you follow up after someone says “I’m not really a heterosexual”…?  There was also the famous “Good thing I don’t believe in the free market!”

– Tried to convince a French girl that even though it may seem like Thanksgiving is just about pigging out and watching football, there really is more to it than that.

Thanking God for everything.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

8 thoughts on “Día de Gracias – en Mexico

  1. Love this post. Sounds like one of those Holidays you will be able to look back at and say HA! That was fun!
    Convincing the French of anything food-wise when it comes to Americans not eating McDonalds all the time, IS OH so tough. We have a bunch of French Catholic friends and they are as sweet as can be but still they think we adore McDonalds or would rather be eating a BIG MAC over anything thing else. So, we steer clear of food conversations.

    I admire everything about your efforts to make your Thankgsiving homey. So glad you found the cheddar! And, a BIG wow for caring those potatoes through the streets of Mexico!!!

    Keep the stories coming…they are great!

  2. We didn’t do Thanksgiving this year. I’ve done it once before here in Germany, but on a weekend after the holidays. I think I will try that again this year. There is just too much going on and the shopping is a major production. We can get cheddar at the better stores, but it’s an exotic imported cheese, so it’s too expensive for reuglar use. Crazy what things become special occasion foods!

  3. Well my husband and I are officially adults as well – spent Thanksgiving morning in England and evening in Paris. We got a turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce while we were waiting for our next train. And then made it to a restaurant at 11pm for a very non-traditional meal of ravioli for him and a burger for me. It was quite an experience and I kept having to give thankful statements to remind myself what holiday it was :-)

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