Take 7 – Gratitude

Theme:  Things I’m thankful for


Gracious friends who let me live with them for my extended time back here in Texas with absolutely no strings attached.  Friends like that are hard to find.


Cold(er) weather.  Makes me appreciate the Houston summer heat and humidity more.


Money that allows me to visit my husband…making this time apart shorter and more bearable.


Running into the priest who witnessed our marriage randomly at a local mass.  He was substituting for our regular pastor and I hadn’t seen him since before we left for Mexico.  It was so great to catch up!


My parents living close enough so that I get to see my mom on a random weekend (this one) and I can just drive home for Thanksgiving (saving that money for trips to Mexico…).


Free knitting needles! Apparently knitting is a long tradition in my family and I have now inherited a mess of needles of all sizes so I can now branch out.  I also have some rockin’ patterns from the 70’s…guess who’s husband is going to be sporting a wicked sweater vest soon??  Get ready Julio Iglesias…


St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy. I’ve been reading her book, oh, for several months now, which is an entire post in and of itself, but I am thankful to have such inspiration and examples in the Saints of our Church.  This was highly unexpected from a little-girl-raised-Protestant-converted-to-Catholicism (I was sold on the “Believe they exist, but specifics are optional” line during RCIA), but perhaps one of the greatest unanticipated blessing.  [Belief in saints is part of the Lutheran tradition as well, its just, well, never mentioned.]

What are you giving gratitude for right now?  Hope you have a great weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Take 7 – Gratitude

  1. Faustina is my confirmation name…She has made her way into my life subtly without being over bearing…I really need to start paying more attention to her because I think she might be trying to tell me something….

    Sounds like voo-doo if you are an outsider looking in but I think you know what I mean…

    I’m giving gratitude to a doctor who is not afraid to treat his patient so that they can feel the best they can no matter what…..I truly think it is a great calling to step outside the mainstream box and be an advocate for those who can not do it on their own. I seriously do not know where I would be without him…I know, I can’t stop talking about it, I’m a blubbering mess. ;)

  2. Great list! Good to read that you are doing well during this time of separation.

    Recently found this quote:

    “When two become one in Christ, their love can enable them to transcend any limitations imposed by the world. Dependent on their spiritual gifts, either one may teach the the other, and both together may fill their common life with as much holiness as any monk.”
    -St. John Chrysostom

  3. I randomly picked your blog in the links to Conversion Diary. I guess it wasn’t completely random- I noticed the name. Just wanted to “meet” you because we have a lot in common. My husband and I married in grad school – he now has a PhD in English lit and I have one in geography. I spent several months in Honduras doing research during our first years of marriage.

  4. I’m thankful my sister had a healthy pregnancy, smooth dekivery, & now has a healthy baby. I’m also very thankful it’s her and not me going through all that right now, aside from the fact that she’s married and I’m not. I learned while I was visiting that I’m still way too selfish right now. But I love him just the same.

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