Free BC?

This article makes me sad, but I guess its not really that different from the uphill battle we already face.  It just makes it feel a little steeper.

I recently went grocery shopping with my friend at Whole Foods to get chicken and veggies that were sold without hormones and pesticides.  All while she’s ingesting a tiny pill jam packed full of hormones everyday.  I resisted pointing out the irony, as she already knows my stance on contraception.  I don’t know if I’ll be as strong the next time.  I do want to be a peacemaker but I could cut the hypocrisy with a knife.

This is the same girl that I listen to routinely complain about her nausea and lack of sex drive.  What else can I say?  Are the other options really worse?  And when I explained the next steps medically recommended for us to try to have children, she remarked that “taking a little pill everyday is so much easier”.  Yes, yes it is.  Unfortunately, that little pill won’t give you a baby.

Of course, then she could just pop in an IUD, which sound even more terrifying.  Its interesting that while she will take the pill, at least she draws the line at an IUD.  I guess everyone has their limits of what’s ‘natural’?  I don’t know how a woman could ever make the decision to put one of those in their body.

The things we do to have control.

12 thoughts on “Free BC?

  1. That article is really sad…but not surprising. I knew girls in high school who got free bcp at the local county health clinic. They could also get the depo shot for free. It was very simpleto do and didn’t matter their age.

    I too have a friend who tries to eat all organic and also all hormone free. She is constantly preaching about not putting that crap in your body. Ironically, she pops bc every day. I would understand more if she was just ignorant about the pill. I used to be. Unfortunately doctors don’t tell you the truth about them. However, I have explained it to her on numerous occasions and shown her tons of proof to back up my claim. It’s just something about some people I will never understand.

  2. I was watching a tv show on MTV. I know. :) hahahaha

    The woman was in the office and the IUD was popped in, in seconds…I think if it were an option for me, which it is not, taking a pill every day would be harder then popping in that IUD…..ACK, I said it but really where do you cross the line when one has already been crossed….

    Free BCP is not a surprise…Is it already cheap? IDK? It’s only the next step….

    Wish I could get free thyroid medication when I need that to live. Obviously that isn’t in my future….hahahaha

  3. Those IUD’s are scary! They cause scarring and sometimes even infertility. Of course, bcp’s are pretty bad, too. When I was prescribed them for my endo pain (back before I was married and before I knew I had endo), I had NO IDEA how they worked and what they did to my body. It makes me so angry that women are just handed out pills that completely alter their hormones. Try telling a guy to take hormones and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy – why do women accept so much messing with our bodies?

  4. When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Since I was on the state’s free health insurance for poor kids, I got all the free birth control pills I wanted from 16 – 21 (free because they were prescribed for “health reasons”). In fact, the only reason I stopped taking them at 21 was because I was going to have to start paying about 40$ a month for them, and I was a college student. Thank God I was so cheap, and that I finally came to see how useless and dangerous they really are!

  5. It really irks me that when we are going to be spending so much money on healthcare, that this is one thing that we may have to pay for. I really hate that it is the option that no one thinks about. Like you said, how can we focus so much on organics, etc., but not care about the pill? It’s crazy!

    • Yeah, I was kind of all over the place with my opinions on BC and health care and being organic, but still. I think the irk I had was how BC is seen as “health care” when its usually just the opposite (and only in extremely rare situations is it medically necessary).

  6. Wow! Had no idea! thanks for sharing!

    Its a great example the one about going to whole foods and then using the Pill.

    I have a friend who eats organic, would not go near any type of meat or animal product yet puts more hormones into her body than you can imagine. She has zero libido, has gained weight, emotional ups and downs and does not see the connection!

    i will be going on a Pilgramage with my church to the Basilica this Sunday, its a great experience to walk through the city in prayer in case your DH wants to join. We will walk some 15 kms! =)

  7. I would love to post on this at some point! Do you mind if I use the post and some of the comments? I would give you full credit, of course. It just makes no sense at all to be “organic” and use the PIll. Would love to ask some of the liberals in the Bubble about it….

  8. I agree! Though honestly, it does bother me a little (and I’m not talking about this post or comments in particular) that so many NFP women seem to pull the “how can you care about healthy food and then put chemicals in your body?!” when they use NFP/Fertility Awareness but pay extremely little attention to protecting their bodies and being as healthy as possible in every way. From my perspective both sides are inconsistent and those of us with a fuller understanding of how great women’s bodies are should be making a point to not clog ours with harmful chemicals in makeup, antibiotic-laden chicken etc. etc. etc.

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