Missionary ideas

While taking our Spanish class almost two months ago now, we were fortunate enough to have a week overlap with Eric, part of an amazing couple (with Sarita) who has followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit to come to Mexico on a mission trip.  He was the student that was quick to catch on to the “When God gives us children” reference :)  The best part?  They’re Catholic!

[I actually had seen them at Mass the day we took these pictures, the Sunday before we started our classes and thought they looked like missionaries, but that wasn’t confirmed until the next day.  Small town!]

Anyway, the Baquets are a very sweet couple on an amazing journey right now with their beautiful (understatement) little boy.  They have their work cut out for them as the state of Catholicism and catechesis in parts of Mexico is well, interesting at best, so please keep them in your prayers!  Right now they are working in a rancho where most of the people have converted to Jehovah’s Witness.  We need more people like them willing to teach and serve where called.  We hope to make it up to visit them at some point in our journey here so please pray for that plan to be revealed as well.  They have definitely planted/watered seeds in our minds and it was inspiring to meet a couple so dedicated to following God’s plan for their life.

We know there was a reason we met them.  Please go on over to their blog and give them some encouragement if you feel like it :)


PS:  In this video, there is adorable baby footage of their baby and the grand-baby of the couple we were living with in Cuernavaca.  You have been warned :)

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