Sitting in a tree…


First comes love,

Then comes marriage…

Then comes…

Waiting. A new house.  More waiting.  Wondering.  Fun traveling and attending family/friend’s weddings.  Love. A family divorce.  More waiting.  A family death. Crying. A job offer.  A new NFP method.  More tears.  Doubt.  A graduation.  A move across the border/Gulf.  More traveling. And more waiting.

Sometimes I can’t believe its been 2 years and others,  that’s its been only been 2 years!  Thank you, second year of marriage, for teaching me nice little nursery rhymes are children’s things and we should leave them for the children because they are not the content of actual marriages.  I guess that’s all a lesson I needed to learn eventually. Even though my head knew it, living it is something else entirely.  In real marriages you laugh together and thank God, you cry together and beg God, you find peace together and praise God, and you repeat, together.

Year two included lots of growth that revealed (surprise!) plenty of room for more growth.  All in all, I don’t know if I should say this but, I’m glad this year is over.  It. was. hard.  There were plenty of good times, but still, difficult.  Much more difficult than anticipated.  But we made it.

And if we can make it through this we can make it through anything.

Happy Anniversary, babe :)

13 thoughts on “Sitting in a tree…

  1. Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures. :-) And sometimes waiting for God is the surest path of salvation. That doesn’t make it easy or fun, but it does mean that you’re really living, even though it may not feel like it at times. Marriage is itself a great gift. Good for you for remembering that, even when you’d like a lot of little gifts running around! :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Written between the lines of the nursery rhyme that starts this post and the life lessons expressed in this post…there is an essence of faith, hope, and love that prevails…evidence of Christ’s presence in your marriage. What a beautiful example. :-)

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