Take 7…about Mexico!

Haven’t done these in a while, but I thought I’d pick up with my 7 favorite things about Mexico (thus far!):


The Weather. While it might be a tad cold for my tastes, its nothing that a hoodie/sweater can’t fix.  Sunny, perfect, and usually rains at predictable times.  Most importantly, there is ZERO humidity which is a nice break from Texas :)


Chile Candy. Ok, actually chile anything.  It sounds crazy but I tried some after a friend highly recommended it and let me say, it changed my life.  Love, love, love it.  And yesterday I discovered chile dried mangos!  I could eat these all day!  Its a perfect mix of spicy and sweet (but really isn’t that spicy at all).


Children everywhere. I have rarely been to a big city that is filled with children.  Scratch that, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a big city with children everywhere.  Here you see families of 6 on the metro.  Its totally not usual to see a couple walking down the street with a child in their arms and their babies little arms flopping everywhere while they’re asleep, just enjoying the ride.  Oddly enough, no strollers, just children!  I love it.  And here its totally normal to comment about how cute someone’s baby is and you can even play with them and people don’t think you’re weird!  Mexicans love their babies, and I love that they don’t mind random strangers joining in as well :)


They separate the men and women on the metro bus. So when I first heard this, I was really scared because the student who told us that said that it was because the “guys can’t control themselves”.  I sure the best solution would be “Well, get the guys to control themselves” but riding the super crowded bus where everyone is packed closeclose together, is WAY nicer when everyone is female.  It feels much safer, is friendlier (at least for me) and frankly, smells better too :)


Buses that leave every 5 minutes. We’ve used public transportation the whole time we’ve been here, minus the first few days and when we were lugging our luggage around and rarely had to wait.  In fact, it took as long on the  metro to get to our destination as it did in a taxi, due to all the traffic!  You can even take a bus to another city and you won’t have to wait more than 10 minutes.  I was very, very pleasantly surprised by how efficiently it all runs.


Fresh fruit drinks. I admit, I shied away from these those first few weeks while I was gaining my “Mexican stomach” but the fresh fruit juices have been an awesome part that I’m just now discovering.  Everything tastes better (even the apple juice!) and I’m in LOVE with guayaba juice!


The people. Everyone from our the first city we lived in has been more than hospitable to us, and I’ve literally heard the phrase “Mi casa es su casa” for anytime we return.  Unlike other countries I’ve been to (or even the states!) I really feel like these people are serious!  They have made us feel so welcome.  Now that we’re in the big city we haven’t met too many people yet, but we are best friends with the guy in our apartment who owns the pizza shop so he seems like he’ll be hooking us up…he seems a little crazier though…

Our Mexican family on Carlito's 12th birthday. Can you imagine him looking at these pictures years from now and being like "Who were those weird foreigners in that picture that year?!"

Ok, that’s it!  I have more Mexican stories (and favorites…the food!  did I mention the chile candy?!) coming soon, so, feel free to click elsewhere if it starts to feel like a slideshow of my vacation!

Oh yeah, and check out Jen’s for more Quick Takes!

11 thoughts on “Take 7…about Mexico!

    • Hi!

      this made me so happy!!!! =)

      I am glad you are getting to see this side of Mexico and not only the bad side that the news portrays! Please try the dried pinapple with chile!!! amazing!!!! I also love the mangos!

      An regarding fruit juices some to try: chicozapote, zapote negro with orange and mango!In Polanco go the Ciudad de Colima juicery!.

      I am hungry now!!!

      God bless!

  1. Thanks for sharing these! We spent a week in Mexico on our honeymoon, and my favorite part was just walking around the old part of town (Puerto Vallarta) and seeing all the people! I really hope we’ll make it back to Mexico someday. My husband speaks spanish pretty proficiently, and when he was talking with one of the men who worked at our hotel, the man told him that we should move down and Eric should get a job teaching english! Oh man, I’d love it. I think we’ll consider that when we retire. ;)

    I’m so glad you’re having a great time!

  2. Love it all! I have been hesitant with the chile candy. Maybe I’ll give it another try…
    Also Mexicans really are friendlier. You’re not imagining things! :)
    Sometimes they are too friendly. Then again Americans used to be too friendly for me too but they are growing on me. hahaha.

  3. REALLY about men and women separate on the bus? Crazy! How awesome to see kids everywhere! I hadn’t ever really thought of that, but you’re right!!! Sounds like a fabulous trip!

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