Victim souls?

I know some of you have sought spiritual direction (at least from what I’ve read on your blogs) for dealing with the cross of sub/infertility.  I’ve enjoyed reading what you’ve written and gleaning insight into my own life.  I also appreciate your answers to what has helped you “get over yourself” – like serving others and dancing! ha!   My husband sent me this video today unrelated to fertility, about the cross of being homosexual and Catholic.   I really do feel like anyone who’s not Catholic should watch this to better understand exactly how Catholic’s view this issue.  While I was watching it, I couldn’t help but realize how beautiful our faith is and how this idea of “victim souls” is a tiny comfort during the journey with a heavy cross.

Now, I don’t want to compare the cross of homosexuality to infertility (because I think it must be a much, much heavier cross to be homosexual – especially in our society today) but I did find it interesting look at the comparison of sub/infertiles being victim souls to a certain extent.

Yes, all people endure suffering and every person handles suffering differently based on our uniqueness as human beings,  so its impossible to compare and no one can have a monopoly on suffering.  One positive is that all suffering, so matter how small, has the potential to bring souls to Christ (such as the pregnant women out there offering the pains of their labor up for the infertile).  However, I do believe there is something unique in the suffering that is not common and goes against societal norms. Homosexuality and infertility are two examples of those crosses that go against what is accepted in our society these days (the recent eruption of comments on Sew’s post about abortion and IVF is proof that those of us not “OK” with IVF and sub/infertile suffer separately, some might say “needlessly”).  Of course its not an exact parallel, because fertility is over the whole life so there’s always some hope there of being “cured” so maybe we won’t know if we’re victim souls or not until the end of our life, but I feel like embracing the idea of being a victim soul and suffering for Christ is pretty helpful in “getting over myself”, at least a little bit.

Anyway, I do encourage you to watch this video! Let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Victim souls?

  1. I liked the video, and given this topic of homosexuality has come up twice this week (in my world), I may use it to drive my point home. Never-the-less, it is when I found meaning to my infertility in Colossians 1:24, Romans 8:17, and Philippians 4:7-11 that I was able to accept my cross. I still have my moments, but those are like gems that I also offer up (eventually). You might be interested in reading “The Light of Love” by Patricia Dublin. My priest gave me this book and I thought it was great. She is a blind woman that reports she has been visited by angels and she writes about their revelations to her. She talks about suffering, and Christ asks her to suffer for poor souls so they do not go into hell. It is through her suffering that they are saved. Interesting read.

  2. I love that video – it’s so hard to describe the Catholic view on homosexuality – thanks for sharing it.

    I had also never heard of ‘victim souls’ – very interesting.

  3. I’ve always been fascinated by victim souls and what that means. I wish it were more widely known (well, I wish most everything about Catholicism was more widely known, even by Catholics, ha!!).

    I can’t wait to watch the video… thank you!!

    And, I continue to pray for you as you carry this cross.

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