Giving Gratitude 9.21.

This past few weeks I’ve been thankful for:

My Mexican Family. Its taken a while for us to get to know each other (because I don’t always understand what they’re saying and they don’t understand my gibberish) but we’re finally to that point now.  We even got invited to a birthday party yesterday!  And now they’re starting to talk to me directly instead of bypassing me and going directly to Mike (I don’t blame them, I couldn’t understand me either).

My Spanish teachers. Seriously, I know we’re paying them, but it really can’t be fun to listen to someone butcher your language all day.

Free time to travel. I love not watching at the clock in order to make sure we get home in time.  Bus doesn’t leave for another hour?  That’s fine, we have all the time in the world…

That broken massage chair at the bus station. Speaking of having to wait, want to know what makes a wait go a lot faster?  A massage chair that costs only 5 pesos for a 20 minute massage.  (Yes, that’s less than 50 cents.)  It was equally funny to return later that night and see other people all huddled around the chair laughing and giggling, too.

A roof over my head. It rains everyday here and I know this is something that not everyone has here.  There’s nothing that makes rain beautiful like a roof over your head.

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