Stuck in a moment

Does anyone remember this song?  Not the biggest U2 fan, but this song has always struck a chord with me.  I know I’m feeling particularly down when I seek out songs to help me express myself so I apologize for the cheesiness :)

I’ve literally been feeling stuck, like I’m in molasses or something, and am totally unable to just lift myself up and out and on.  In theory it should be easy since nothing is physically holding me back, right?

I try to stay away from the blog when I’m in these moods but I felt like this song accurately describes a lot of the feelings the sub-fertile goes through on the regular (which most other people also experience as well).

And while I’m not proud to admit I have many mixed feelings while reading the blogs of those who are now joyfully pregnant/adopting after struggling to conceive, the best feeling is concretely seeing examples of this moment passing.  Relief will come.

It’s just a moment
This time will pass.

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