Churches older than my country

After we decided to come to Mexico, I wondered what shape my blog would take.  Just like last year when I had no idea I’d be writing about baby-making issues, a few months ago I had no idea I’d be writing about Mexico.  I don’t want to write about it too much, as I don’t want to resemble that aunt who just wants to show you pictures from her vacation that you really don’t care about, but because this is and always has been a blog influenced by things Catholic (Heavens, no!) I do want to share some pictures of some beautiful churches we’ve seen so far.

And we’ve only been here a week!

Folks, this is the oldest church in the Americas!

The updated chapel that is still in use (right next door)

Inside of that newer chapel

Guy ringing the bell

Chapel with a way cool wall around it.

Another view of the "cool wall" chapel

More of the cool wall

Outdoor chapel

Ok, that’s about all for now!

6 thoughts on “Churches older than my country

  1. There’s nothing that drives my husband crazier than when our parents want to show us their 200 (up to 500!) vacation pictures ;) I think as long as you do it in moderation, it can be really enjoyable though! For example, that really is a cool wall!

  2. I love pictures, so I’m glad you’re sharing. Then again, I am the one that’s guilty of boring people with all my pictures on my blog, so I may not be the one to listen to… :) But I love those pictures of those churches, and I love the connection that our faith has with other countries and other times.

  3. I like these pictures and I don’t think that you should worry about posting too many. The great thing about blogs is that those who aren’t interested can just quickly scroll through, and those of us who are can ohh and ahhh. :-)

    Also, since I’m bad with photo album stuff I often find that the few pictures I look at later are the ones that made it to the blog. And if something happens to your memory card or computer you still have the pictures that you saved online.

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