One last request from my PB

Our prayer buddy summer edition is about to end, and I’m actually really sad about that.  I guess praying for someone without them knowing can happen whenever I feel like, but this has been a fun little experience.  I do have a couple requests for whoever my prayer buddy is.  Only a few more days so I figured I’d take advantage of it!

  1. I’m in a dicey situation at work…I’d appreciate some prayers in helping me keep my head cool and handle it professionally, without letting my emotions get in the way of being effective.
  2. My MIL had surgery all the way across the country yesterday to remove part of her colon.  This is pretty much a life-changing surgery so, I know she’s needs all the prayers she can get for immediate recovery and for dealing with the life changes that result.
  3. We’re having bug problems.  We joke that we have no life (little kids) running around our house so we’re adopting the orphan bugs (and geckos) that want to live with us.  We joke, but seriously, its kind of gross.  I’d rather have little kids than cockroaches.

Ok, maybe you don’t have to pray about that last thing, but the first two I’d appreciate some help on.  Anything anyone else need some prayers on?  May as well pay it forward!

2 thoughts on “One last request from my PB

  1. yuck, we are having bug problems too. that time of year? mitch has yet to eat one that i know of. i have jumped/been frightened several times… my cats are no use

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