Giving Gratitude 8.10.10

In order to combat whiny-ness and maintain a sense of grounding, I’m planning to introduce these little posts where I talk about things I’m thankful for (thanks for permission to copy the idea, Rae!).  I’m realizing that the majority of my posts these days are focusing on the things that I don’t have and really, that’s no way to live.  There is plenty in this world I don’t have.  In fact, I could spend all day thinking about what I don’t have!  I really need to focus on they things I do have and be grateful for those.  So without further ado…

Today I am thankful for:

Working near my husband. I’m thankful to have him just a building over, so when big issues like the one that came up today crop up, I can run over and get his expert advice and just claim I was in the bathroom.

Long hair and long arms. I always wanted long hair when I was little so I could “do cool stuff” with it, but now that I have it, I never do.  I braided it myself today!

Sweatshirts in August. Because my lab is still freezing.

Hot lunch. I usually bring my lunch to work, but since we haven’t been to the store in a while, today I got a treat and got to have hot lunch.  Wow, between this and the braids, I feel like I’m 5!

These cycle days of hope. Because while I know they won’t last forever, I do appreciate them and the sanity they bring while they’re here.

WordPress. Blogging helps me order my thoughts and give me a chance to understand why I do certain things.  And it forces me to think about what I’m grateful for.

Picasa. It lets me share my pictures and my life with my family living far away!

Ok, this trial run was a good time.  Maybe I’ll do it again.

3 thoughts on “Giving Gratitude 8.10.10

  1. Beautiful! Life does seem brighter when you focus on the good things, doesn’t it?

    On another note, in my attempt to organize my contacts, you are missing :(. Can you send me an email so I can add you again? We have our Texas trip dates set!

  2. Wonderful! I’m so glad that you did this as I love reading these things. Hope is wonderful and I am very glad that you have wordpress as I rather like your blog.

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