What I did for NFP week

NFP week is almost over and I realized I never wrote anything substantial on it!  I’m not feeling entirely inspired to write anything deeply personal, although if I did want to write something about how NFP helped me fully represent my feminist views, it would look a lot like this.  I did want to mention a few of the things that we’ve done over these past few weeks to celebrate NFP.

NFP Witness Talk

Of all the things I wanted to do on my birthday, this really was at the top of the list.  So high up there in fact, that we delayed ‘celebrating’ until another day so that my husband and I could put on the monthly NFP witness talk.  And I’m sad we didn’t volunteer to do it earlier!  The class is basically an information session on NFP geared towards advertising NFP and getting couples to sign up for the real class.  We give a witness talk about how NFP works in our marriage and then go over the basics of what NFP is.  This month’s class was packed.  Every chair was taken by a couple that had probably never heard about NFP, which is a lot of pressure on us to make a good impression.  As we did introductions it was apparent that everyone had either been dating for 10 years or was already married civilly.  I think we did a good job and we got several comments afterwards about how people had never heard of NFP and were so impressed by our talk that they wanted to sign up for the full class.  Just hearing that comment once was worth it!  And we were sure to mention the words ‘sex’ and ‘intercourse’  a lot (maybe too much?)!  We even met the manager of a local major restaurant and he wanted to invite us out for a free dinner.  Hopefully we’ll be able to cash that in before we move!

Some funny questions included:

“So how long does that ‘honeymoon’ period get to last though?” – (didn’t quite know how to answer, usually people ask how long they have to abstain, not how long they have to have fun!)

“Where do you have to stick the thermometer?” – (a classic…answer? your mouth)

Additionally, the hubs had bought cupcakes for my bithday and made the whole class sing me Happy Birthday before we would give them their certificates.  Cute?  Yes.  Abuse of our power?  Probably. 

Oh, and we even got our picture taken by this cute couple documenting their marriage prep process!  Super cute.

NFP Awareness Week Mass

This Mass was held last Sunday.  Although we weren’t able to go to the Mass itself because the hub’s family was in town (we had gone to Mass earlier and we had to say goodbye to them in the evening), we did head over there for the potluck portion.  It was a nice event, although there weren’t as many people there as last year.  We did meet up with another couple that is in the process of adopting so that was great to catch up.  We decided to find a table that there were no kids at, which at an NFP appreciation Mass, was extremely hard to do.  But we found a young couple we didn’t know and plopped ourselves next to them.  It turns out, they weren’t married but had just wandered over because they had heard the announcement during Mass and were curious what it was all about.  They weren’t even engaged yet, but it was nice to see a couple that easily could have been the hubs and I a few years back just looking into all aspects of married life, making this decision carefully.  We all went around and talked about how we met, how we learned about NFP, etc.  Again, it was great to remember (for me) that we do have a place to help others now, since if I had little ones running around I may not have had time to pay attention to that young couple and help them feel welcome (they did look a little like “What have we gotten ourselves into??).

Anyway, NFP week has come and gone, but I, like Elizabeth’s husband Heathcliff ;), think that every week is NFP awareness week!  Now excuse me as I prepare a packet of information for my doctor the other week who went on and on about how NFP doesn’t work.  I told him I’d send him a few of the studies that prove otherwise.  I have it all printed out, I just need to get it in the mail! 

Is that too crazy?!

7 thoughts on “What I did for NFP week

    those cupcakes sound good! :) how sweet (or embarassing?) to have the whole class sing for you :)

    I had no idea this was NFP awareness week as I was out of the bloggy world for a while. It sounds like you had a great week end and enjoyed witnessing! How great to have enthusiastic witness like you!

  2. Hope you had a good birthday. Giving a talk and making sure that newcomers felt welcome at the dinner sounds like an amazing way to spend the week ~ good for you.

  3. Awesome! I would love to hear your witness talk – I’m sure you two did such a good job! And I think it’s great that you realized how good it was that you could reach out to the young couple at the potluck.

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    Sounds like quite the week! Have you considered videoing your witness talk? I have no idea when you would give it again, but I think that it would be great to see online. It sounds wonderful (and I am glad that you weren’t afraid to talk about sex!).

    Good luck with your doctor! You’re much better than I (not crazy at all) as I just sort of ignore anything that I disagree with.

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