We are not the same as atheists.

So, its NFP awareness week.  Yay!

Now, what does that mean for you?  Well, (un)fortunately for you, I’ve had a major deadline, my laptop blue-screened on me, my in-laws were in town, and I’m now out of state at a conference, so I don’t really have time for a long post.  But I did just get sent this amazing article about how all Christians (not just Catholics) are examining the morality of birth control. Its a great article, so you should please, please read it.

Some great quotes:

“People are no longer … thinking about it,” says Hodge…

“People don’t even ask if there is anything possibly morally wrong about it.”

For more than 19 centuries, every Christian church opposed contraception.


To separate the two functions of marital intimacy–the life-transmitting from the bonding–is to reject God’s design, Paul VI wrote.

Janet Smith, a Catholic seminary professor whose writing and talks have been influential for two decades, puts it this way: “God himself is love, and it’s the very nature of love to overflow into new life. Take the baby-making power out of sex, and it doesn’t express love. All it expresses is physical attraction.”

and the best yet…

Rather than heeding Christian theology to be “agents of life in the world,” Christians have largely adopted culture’s philosophic naturalism, which considers sex an itch to be scratched, Hodge said.

They have the same view of conception that atheists have.”

I am so, so grateful to be part of that 10%.  It has made all the difference in my little life thus far.

9 thoughts on “We are not the same as atheists.

  1. Wow! I can’t believe that was published in the Huffington Post! What an awesome article!

    (Also, I didn’t know Dr. Tour was against contraception. I’m almost surprised that he never brought this up in the few times I heard him talk to the Grad Christian Fellowship. Then again, that was not the topic of discussion.)

  2. I have been waiting to post on your post because it is a topic that is very dear to my heart. Even before I new I was IF, I thought a lot about this issue. And, I really came to the conclusion that this understanding of the Church’s Wisdom in this area is truly a major GRACE and also, a wisdom that I would absolutely require that my future spouse had. Is it only 10% of Christians who now know and believe this? Or is it 10% of Catholics! Yikes, thank GOD we all found each other and we found our spouses, too.

    I have trouble being deep about this even though my heart yearns to scream out that YES, YES, YES, this is the crux of the married state and so essential to the dignity of the human person.

    I hope you keep writing about it. Because your are able to express the wisdom of being open to life in a beautiful and moving way. Janet Smith is incredible. That woman is a prophet way ahead of her time. When I was single I came across her pamphlet, fell in love with it, ordered like a 100 copies and gave them out to anybody who would read them. I met one guy who had read it as well. And, the story goes, I decided right there and then I wanted to marry him. So, 6 weeks later we got engaged a few months later we tied the knot. So, I owe Janet Smith A LOT to say the least.

    I b

  3. Thanks for posting this! The article is eye-opening. I don’t even know what to say, where to start. I may need to steal this for a post of my own :)

    I LOVE this: “Throwing out contraception ‘is more trusting in God. It ultimately lets him decide what is the right number (of children),’ Tour said.” Could you even imagine trusting God to grow our families? Oh the horror!!! (being sarcastic, of course :) ).

    I am so overjoyed to be a member of a Church that doesn’t fall to societal pressure. Could you imagine knowing that, after centuries of believing one thing (based on nothing less than Christ’s own teachings, I might add), that our Church caved because Planned Parenthood applied pressure?

    And it pains me that the vast majority of the world doesn’t agree with us. PAINS ME.

  4. I can’t believe that article was in the Huffington post of all places. It’s sad how few people, and especially how few in the Church, understand and follow the Church’s teaching in this area.

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