Praying for Others

This is long overdue but I’m posting it anyway.  I’m doing a little prayer buddy thing these days that lasts until August 15th.  Basically the assignment is simple. I’ve been given a fellow blogger via the IF circle of bloggers that have so warmly welcomed me and its my duty to pray for that person.  Come August 15th, I’ll reveal myself to that person and let them know I’ve been praying for them.  Since I’m relatively new to this group, I feel like I’m going to reveal myself to that person and there going to respond, “Who??”

But hopefully I’ll make a new friend!  Because I’ve been praying for this person and the struggles they’ve been going through as well as for their husband, and seriously, how could you not want to be friends with someone who’s been praying for you? That’s what I thought :)

So the other half of this prayer buddy thing is having a person out there that I don’t even know praying for me for these few weeks.  And, wow.  That’s humbling.  Its really hard for me to pray for myself (I feel way more comfortable praying for others), so I really, really appreciate this prayer buddy thing.

But I’m starting to realize I really need to ask for help.  Part of the interesting dichotomy of having fertility issues is that you “just need to relax” but then you’re focusing too much on yourself if you want to talk about it and examine all your feelings of frustration that comes with this with anyone.  I try not to unload on anyone because let’s face it, no one likes a Debbie Downer (actually, that one’s pretty funny – and ironically enough, she even makes a joke about not ever having children!).  I try to deal with this healthily, but I’m just realizing that very, very few people in my life want to or have the time to be there to listen.  So I grow closer to my husband.  And fellow bloggers.

Thanks to those of you who have listened.  I needed that.

So if my prayer buddy is reading this, can I get some particular help with a special request?  I have an impossible-feeling deadline coming up at work (Friday) and I need some concentration and focus.  There’s only one thing I can change in my life right now and that’s the outcome of this project.  I just need the strength to do it.  I also need a little less procrastinating on blogs in order to make this happen.  Thank you in advance:)


5 thoughts on “Praying for Others

  1. I think that you’re going to get prayer from more people than just your prayer buddy!

    I for one have been praying for you at the chapel of Our Lady of Hope since your post on the 14th. After all, what’s the point of reading blogs if we don’t care enough about what we read to pray for the person?

    Good luck (or should I say hope?) with your deadline on Friday!

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