Take 7 (16)


The title of this post is also the date.  How cool is that?!


I got this little pot with flower seeds at a baby shower I went to the other week, so I came home and planted them and stuck them on our kitchen counter.  The only light in the room is from the sun from the window facing north, until I turn on the light when I get home at night.  I found it hilarious to watch this little plant change directions with the sun orientation.  Check it out:

Yes, this is my entertainment.


I turned down the wrong way on the one way street the other day driving home.  Soooo glad there was only one car on the road at the time…


I’m in a really gnarly discussion about same sex marriage on Facebook right now.  I think that means I’m officially ready to post about it on this blog.  So seriously this time, it’ll be coming within the next two weeks.


I finished INSANITY this week!  So if nothing else this summer, I’m happy I completed that program.  Usually I quit my workouts halfway through!


The hubby and I are giving a witness talk on NFP tomorrow.  I’m super excited because I haven’t given this talk to a general population before, only people who are interested in learning.  Pray for hearts to hear our words, if you can.  Also, pray for HopePrayTrust as she enters the Church on Sunday!  Hallelujah!


I got a blog award!

Not entirely sure what I did to deserve it but I thought I’d play along anyway :)  Apparently I’m supposed to share 7 things no one knows about me…so here we go.

  1. I hate milk in my cereal.  Its a texture thing.  Soggy anything incites a very strong gag reflex.
  2. The one exception to the aforementioned rule is that if there is enough cinnamon sugar, I will eat it, no matter how soggy it is.  I LOVE cinnamon.  Examples include:  bread pudding and french toast.  Yummy.
  3. I sneeze in the sun.
  4. I’ve donated my hair before.
  5. I’ve lived in Europe.
  6. I speak Chinese (not fluently) but now I’m moving to Mexico and need to learn Spanish.  Seriously, why could I have not been like everyone else in college?
  7. I’m 3rd of 4 children.

I’m supposed to pass this on to 15 other bloggers!  Eessh!  I’m lazy and while I’m appreciative of this award, I’m all for voluntary participation, so I’m going to pull a That Married Couple and say read the blogs of my commenters or click on my side bar.  Thanks again!

And please go to Jen at Conversion Diary for more quick takes!

6 thoughts on “Take 7 (16)

  1. I would be very entertained by the plant as well :) And let us know how your talk goes-very cool!

  2. Praying for the NFP talk!! And, I can’t wait to read your blog post on the same sex marriage stuff. I’ve had some crazy facebook discussions, too, and I’ve decided I would rather blog. Otherwise, I get sucked in and can’t stop! (Actually, I guess blogging is like that, too! ha!)

  3. 1. I totally didn’t notice that!

    4. Oh great!! I can’t wait to read it! I may or may not have stalked your facebook profile in an attempt to find said conversation and get a preview :)

    5. Good work!

    6. So cool! Is it at a marriage prep class or something?

    7. Congrats!

  4. . you’ll pick it up quickly. i need to send that spanish workbook. i just wish i had taken a language in college! hindsight…

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