Take 7 (16)


I’ve been having a hard time sitting down to write this week.  I have a billion ideas in my head and not one of them seems to have gotten itself down on paper.  Or I started it and it has, but I don’t like it so I end up deleting it all.

Also, I’ve had limited time this week because I’ve been doing more lab work.  Guess that’s a good thing!


Fourth of July was pretty tame, no California party like last year.  (And that picture still melts my heart.  But I digress…)  Bought some bratwurst to celebrate (because what screams ‘Yay America!’ like a German hotdog?), made them for my husband before I kissed him goodbye to give him some peace to work on the “thesis baby.”  Went out to the park with my friends/in-laws to watch the fireworks.  It was nice :)


Related note, thesis baby is in the process of being approved today!  Hopefully we’ll find out its due date today as well (if the adviser permits).  All this talk of graduating and being married to a Dr. soon is really exciting.  It has been a long time coming.

Husband recounted how 5 years ago he remembers staying up all night to finish a project that first summer he was in grad school.  He told me he literally remembers thinking “Hmm, I think there will be a lot more of this where that came from…” and sure enough, all-nighters are still happening 5 years later!  But soon they will be over!  Maybe we’ll look back on this one and say, “WOW, we worked hard!  But it was worth it!”

We better!


Watching my husband go through this final labor push is making me wish my thesis baby was developing as quickly.  Hopefully we’ll have two little thesis babies by May!


Ok, I get that the thesis-baby analogy is getting old.  Its just that sometimes feel like this is the only thing I’m capable of producing (if I even am) and I’m trying to stay positive.  Its also been an emotional week of watching babies born that were conceived after we started trying.  Reality is sinking in and I must not feel sorry for myself.  That’s just a downward spiral I can’t get stuck in.  So I resort to dreams about thesis babies, because I have more control over that :)


I had cool pictures to show but I just realized my camera cord is at home :(


The “Moonhead Great North American Tour 2010” just got another stop:  Canada!  Anyone know any great things to do in Toronoto?  I imagine August will be the perfect time to visit!

Ok, that’s it.  Go on over to Jen’s to see more where this came from.

5 thoughts on “Take 7 (16)

  1. Yay for thesis babies! I pray daily that there is a baby-baby in the making soon for you and Mike, but in the meantime I will celebrate your thesis babies with you!

  2. Recently clicked on your blog and you crack me up! Love the thesis baby analogy! Best wishes with that- I hope you produce your final copy soon! I’ll be praying for you and your hub!

  3. So exciting that the thesis-baby is almost ready!! I can understand how it’s a long journey…my DH is in pharmacy school and I’ve been counting down the days to graduation for the last three years!! (10 months and 3 days left!)

    Hope you have a great time on your trip! Maybe take in a Bluejays game while you are in Toronto.

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