One more reason…

…why I love my husband :)

He sent this video to me yesterday.  I can’t embed it here, but you should really saunter on over and give it a look!  Its a little intro video about the purpose of marriage.  Its 12 minutes long and its kind of cheezy in the begining, but I thought it was well done, relaxing to watch, and especially pertinent to those of us struggling with fertility issues.

I love that my husband sent this to me.  It was like a little hug of encouragement :)

Its nice to be reminded of what marriage is all about.

2 thoughts on “One more reason…

  1. That is super cool we share the same name and anniversary! Small, small world, huh? I really liked this video your hubs sent, just watched it. Look forward to getting to “know” you better by reading your story :)

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