We’re getting smarter…in all ways!

My brother-in-law sent my husband and I an interesting article published in the New York Times from this past weekend, entitled Educated Women Opting for Motherhood.  Did anyone else happen to see it?

The crux of the article is that in general, the percentages of women not having children are increasing across racial and ethnic boundaries, as compared to 1992.

However, when we look at this same information across educational degree attainment, we see that the percentage of women who are achieving advanced degrees (Professional, Master’s, and PhD) and have never had children is decreasing.

So what does this mean? There are probably several takes on why this is happening, so I’ll just throw my hopeful idea for what I think out there.

Maybe this idea of New Feminism is finally catching on!  Educated women are realizing that being mother’s is not only a fulfilling career option but also a smart option, for themselves and our society.  The outdated view of feminism that includes our reproductive biology as a burden is becoming a thing of the past, especially for those most educated. Now if only we could get past the stigma of having more than two children

One can hope this trend continues!

Do you have some other ideas for why this trend might be occurring?


8 thoughts on “We’re getting smarter…in all ways!

  1. I love it! I agree with you, I think women are starting to realize that they can be “smart” and also be a mother. College educated women are staying at home to be mothers. I think it’s awesome! :)

  2. Interesting. I’ve always thought that people have a misunderstood view of feminists. I consider myself a feminist and I choose to be a stay at home mom. (I have actually flip flopped on this decision and only recently come to the realization that the world/”others” and the pressures of motherhood were confusing me).
    I think the world sometimes looks down on that choice and it takes a strong woman (and a patient one… which i am not) to choose motherhood.
    Wow. I would love to hear more about what you think about the stigma of having more than 2 children. I actually would really like to talk to you in person about that and this… it has been on my mind pretty much every day recently… You should call me when you have time to talk.

    • Natalie, its interesting how “feminism” has many different connotations and definitions, from things you can and can’t think/do if you’re a “feminist” and so on. We actually started a book club to discuss a book on it! (http://ladieswhoblogbc.blogspot.com/) In general terms, traditional feminism is an ideology that seeks to make women equal to men in all ways, whereas new feminism is more about appreciating the innate differences between the genders and embracing those.
      And the link to the article I wrote a while back about having more than 2 children was actually in reference to being a female professor in academia and having more than 2 children, so I don’t think it applies to all, but is still interesting.

  3. i think those women are GENIUSES!

    i think two children is natural for families these days mainly because of cost and pure energy levels and man-to-man ratios!. i realized the other day it’s hard enough to go to the bathroom by myself with just one baby, and i can’t imagine how i’d do it with three little ones. i guess just pee with the stall door open?

      • I agree with the idea of only having as many *young children* as you have can handle, but I wish that people could grasp the concept of *spacing* children out. No need to only have two in order to avoid having three in diapers. Just wait a few years! :-)

      • I agree with Rae… I have eight, and the oldest four are wonderful help with the little ones. It’s like having four nannies, in a way! And they adore the babies. :)

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