Take 7 (14)


I’m really, really tired today.  My only excuse is that I was up late mourning celebrating the Laker’s win.  Again.  I need to wake up and get it together!


That reminds me of another conversation I had with Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute a few months ago, when we talked about our struggles to conceive.  I wanted to talk with her because she’s so grounded and has come out of the other side of this so beautifully, really diving deep into her faith and has found her purpose.
The funny thing she said to me was,

“Alison, were it not for that infertility thing, I’d still be a second rate professor somewhere publishing papers that no one cared about!”

I still don’t know my path, but I do have faith that it will work out.   This is only temporary!


Speaking of Jennifer and the Ruth Institute, if you are a parent, would you please take a few seconds to fill out her little survey on the importance of fathers in the family?  Its a simple survey that is basically trying to discount what people are calling science these days.  It will take like 30 seconds and they are trying to get 7800 participants by Father’s Day!

Fill it out for me, since I can’t!


I successfully completed the 10k last Saturday!  It was a hot day and really windy, which made the leg out easier (wind at the back) than the leg coming back to the finish line (against the wind).  And I met one goal because I didn’t walk!  I believe my time was 1:03:30.   So, I didn’t meet my second goal which was to break the one hour mark…


But, they messed up the course length so we actually ran more than 10k!  Seriously?!  Has that ever happened before??  The whole point of the race is to basically pay some people to tell us how far 10k is and tell us how fast we ran it in.  I guess 50% isn’t bad. But that does make me happier on my time and forgives the fact I was over 1 hour :)


Did you know you could get sunburned running at 7:30am?  Yeah, me neither.


In spite of all this working out, I have actually gained weight.  A solid 5 lbs.  Is it muscle or the ice cream from this new diet?

Either way I don’t really care.  I feel good :)

Go on over to Jen’s at Conversion Diary to look for more Quick Takes!

4 thoughts on “Take 7 (14)

  1. I’ve never understood the point of paying someone to let you run-but I definitely don’t get paying someone to do it wrong! Congrats on finishing!

    • I know, isn’t that funny? And I’ve never run a race that I had to pay for either. I guess I could just look at it as paying for a T-shirt, two Powerades, some orange slices and a cold washcloth though :)

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