Home Improvements

I’ve been talking a lot about all the work we’ve been doing in our home lately but I never posted any pictures.  Maybe that’s because when I look at the pictures I think, wow! All that work and that’s all the improvement??? Ha!  At least I feel better and it gives me something to do.  Nothing makes a house feel like your own than a coat of paint!  I have so many pairs of “paint clothes now” that its almost become my new wardrobe!    At this point, after we paint the master bath and stairwell, I will have painted the whole house.  Just in time to move :)

Our living area/kitchen/dining room is now completely green!

And the downstairs bed/bathroom went from this:

To this!

Yeah, I think those last picture are the ones you can’t really tell a difference besides the fact that I picked up, which is kind of depressing considering its actually painted a lighter color and I didn’t use a primer, which means I had to do like 5 coats in order for it to turn out right!  Oh well.  I think it looks cleaner and brighter, ultimately what I was going for.  I also got lazy with the color choice (its a cream color) since we found out we would be leaving soon and I figured neutral was a better choice for rentability.

Just realized I never took a picture of our upstairs bathroom…so I’ll have to do that tomorrow!  Its my favorite :)

2 thoughts on “Home Improvements

  1. I am not good at looking at a picture of a room and “seeing” what it is really like, but from what I can tell I like your improvements! And you’re right about painting making it seem like it is really yours.

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