Take 7 (13)


One place I’m really looking forward to going while I’m in Mexico is to Mass at the Basilica of Guadalupe and see the original cloth of the Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It should have deteriorated in 20 years but shows no sign of decay 478 years and still defies all scientific explanations of its origin.  I’ve heard its amazing and its the largest pilgrimage site in Christianity!  How fortunate we will be to get to see it!


And hopefully when I go, I will not pull a Hillary and ask who painted the Virgin of GuadalupeOh Hillary, you so crazy.


And I’m already on Lesson 3 of my Spanish Rosetta Stone!  Goal is to be able to have a conversation with hubby’s grandparents in Spanish by the time we move back.


Other goal?  To go to as many beaches in Mexico as I can :)  Starting here:

Puerto Escondido

And I have a few others in mind as well :)


All but dropped out of the INSANITY program this week.  I blame it on working late and being unable to get up (due to deadlines for my adviser) and too excited to go to sleep when I get home because I just like to put our house together.  I did run 2x this week in preparation for the 10k tomorrow.  My main goal is small: not to walk!  And running it in under an hour would be nice.


I let another graduate student borrow my old graduation robe this year (that I spent $70 on!) so he didn’t have to buy his own.  I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL but when he returned it last week he gave me a gift certificate to a local burrito place that I like with a little card that said:

“If you and Mike ever find yourselves down and out, I made a sign for you on the back side of this card:

_____  ____ GRADUATION GOWN (Hardly used!)  WILL WORK LEND FOR FOOD!”

I thought it was funny.  And an excellent back up plan.


My brother is coming in this afternoon!  And yes, like Elizabeth, I also cleaned up for company!  (And went grocery shopping and painted and fixed the hardwood floor….)

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One thought on “Take 7 (13)

  1. Ohhhh, trying not to be jealous of #1. That is wonderful!

    And the only way that I can understand how #2 happened is that her staff must have assumed that she knew and so no one included the basic information in her prep session for the visit.

    Have fun with your brother!

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