Take 7 (11)

1.  I don’t know if there are any students out there who read this (or if anyone reads this?), but if there are or you know of any, tell them to apply for the It Takes a Family Conference 2010 in Murrieta Springs, California because TODAY, May 21st, is the deadline!  I went last year and it was a great experience!  Its an ecumenical conference about marriage and plus, its in California!  Most importantly (because hey, students have no money) if you’re accepted, they cover the costs to go!  If you have any questions feel free to email me!

2. We sold our car on Craigslist last week.  And then this week I got an email through a listserve I’m on that the guy who bought it is trying to sell it for $1500 more!  Who does that??  Moral of the story:  Don’t feel cheap for bargaining for stuff on Craigslist, because its probably overpriced anyway!

3.  I started this workout this week.  A friend bought it and got a bunch of people together so I thought I’d join.  Insane, right?  Its only day 4 and I’m beat.  Last summer I did a boot camp at our gym and ended up being a dropout because I couldn’t get up that early.  We’re doing it in the morning this summer too.  Any bets on how long I last?

4.  Bluebonnets remind me of my grandma.  She loved all Texas wildflowers but she really loved bluebonnets.  She even named her cat Bluebonnet.  The hippie in me wants to name our future daughter Bluebonnet and call her Bonnie! (Still working on getting the hubby on board)  It seems only fitting that she died right along with the bluebonnets this season.  I grabbed some of the seed pods from my parents yard to plant in my yard next year to remind me of her.

5.  Its a little sad realize that both my grandmothers are now gone  and that my children, my future Bonnie, will never know their great-grandmothers.  I know many people don’t have their grandmother’s alive, let alone great-grandmothers, but I did when I was little.  And although I probably didn’t appreciate it then, I cherish those memories of Great-Granny “Basket”.  I wish they could have been here meet Grandma Who-who!  I’ll just have to be sure to share many stories.

6.  We’re in the process of painting pretty much our whole house.  After all, May is the month of home repairs!  Maybe I’ll post pictures next week!

7.  My basil is alive and thriving.  And so are my tomatoes!  Maybe this is how I’ll create life…by gardening! Ha.

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2 thoughts on “Take 7 (11)

  1. I’m glad your plants are still alive; all of ours died when we were in Rome. It go to cold for them on the porch! sad.

  2. One of my grandmas died a couple of years ago. One of the saddest things to me was that if I ever do get to get married, she won’t know him and he won’t know her.

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