Running it out

The hubby and I have recently taken to jogging very very slowly running together. And guess what?  It turns out its actually quite therapeutic.  I used to be an avid runner, but with hip problems, the crazy humidity here and just aging in general, I’ve taken to being an elliptical/whatever-a-CYBEX-is- fiend.  Its a nice sweat and I get to watch TV (pretty much the only time I do!).  The only problem is that it feels much like being a hamster on a wheel.  Trying your hardest to make it but still. going. nowhere.  Eventually I just loose motivation.

So that’s why we started running (ok, maybe it had more to do with the little panza around my hubby’s waist :)).  Running makes me feel like I’m making progress. Gaining ground.  Accomplishing something.  Unlike other areas of my life that just stand. still.

Not all the areas though.  Some parts of our life are moving quite out of control right now. Like crazy, head-spinning fast!  Like,  moving to another country fast.  I guess its good to feel accomplishment with the small things. Like running 3 miles.

There are additional benefits to running with my hubby too.  Like realizing that sometimes when you’re so out of shape running so fast, you don’t have time to talk everything out.  No time to analyze every little, tiny detail of your life trying to figure out what it all means.  (Something we are entirely too good at and only getting dangerously better at as these PhD.’s wear on…)

Sometimes all the words in the world don’t get you anywhere anyways because at the end of the day you still have to walk the walk. With running you can just be together, with no pressure for words.  And I like that.  Its refreshing to see in the physical sense that no matter how tired I am of it and how much it hurts, in the silence of our breathing I can look across my shoulder and see my hubby running right beside me.

And that’s comforting.

Do you run together?  Do another activity together?  I’m usually a go out for coffee/lunch type of girl – and did I mention over-analyze? –  so I’m curious to see how you get your quality time with significant people in you life!

6 thoughts on “Running it out

  1. I’m about 7months pregnant, I haven’t run in years, but I did at some point and I am missing it right now!!! I hope I can keep the motivation for after the baby is born…
    WIth hubby we do walks. In Chicago we would walk about 8 miles twice a week it was great! :) We are more “going-out-to restaurants” people in general, but since we moved to France, believe it or not, we don’t go out quite as much!! But we have a garden :) Gardening is our together thing now. It’s a little hard to have good activities together because he is gone 13h a day and what’s left is sleep and dinner.. but we make time for massages, talk around a tea, weeding the garden..

    • oh, i did actually start gardening too! Did you really walk 8 miles?? wow, that’s impressive!! i bet the weather was nicer up in Chicago though :)

  2. Ah yes, I often want to talk about every little detail over and over with my husband! It can drive him crazy, so you’re right that it is good to do something where you don’t have to talk sometimes! We occasionally work out together (jog, roller skate, bike), but it’s hard when the days are short and he’s at work during the daylight hours! I’m looking forward to doing more of that this summer. Also, gardening together is good for us. Doing physical labor side by side and watching the result of it come up – that’s cool.

    As for other significant people, I tend to work out with my athletic friends (which I really enjoy, but there’s a lot of talking there!) and go out for lunch with everyone else.

  3. What do you mean “move to another country fast” ??
    Also we keep saying we’re going to exercise together and then we just don’t. I want him to teach me how to play tennis.
    With my girlfriends we usually go to the pool with our kids together, exercise together or even go to the grocery store together. Yes I have a standing date every wed night with 2 of my girlfriends to go to sprouts together! That is often the only time I’ll see them that week. Life is busy. You gotta fit in friends anywhere you can. :)

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