Little Home Update

May is the month of Mary and, according to my husband, it will also be the month for home projects.

Mary and Jesus painting in our bedroom

We have a couple things we need to fix on the inside (including the door frame after the break-in…) but I did want to show what we’ve done on the outside!

I planted herbs and flowers in window boxes and in pots by the front door (since the front yard is tiny) and I’m proud to say they haven’t died.  Yet :)

I also scooped up a little table and chairs at Marshall’s for pretty cheap.  Only thing was, they were bright blue.

So we painted them brown and they’re now chillin’ on the balcony with the flowers and basil sprouts.

Our sweet little home!  And yup, we just discovered that those are jasmine bushes growing around the gate.  The look so pretty in the spring!

One thought on “Little Home Update

  1. I like the window boxes! And so funny – we just saw the same table and chairs in HomeGoods yesterday and almost bought them! We ended up going with a wooden table just like that from Target, since we already had wooden folding chairs. Funny thing is, we’re contemplating painting them from their original brown, perhaps to a light blue!

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