And now, back to your regular scheduled programming…

What’s up!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  I was gone for a long lent, which included a good break from things in general that helped me gain some much needed perspective.  At Easter Vigil our priest challenged us to maintain some of our what we gave up during Lent, during the rest of the year as well.  After all, there was probably a reason we gave it up to begin with.  So after giving up blogs, FaceBook, and meat for lent,  I have modified some of my internet behavior and we’re doing the meatless Fridays all the time now (which, I discovered, is highly recommended as Friday is penance day anyway, although you can also choose to give up something else – CC 1250-1251.  Was I the only newish Catholic that didn’t know this??).    Anyway, with lent being so fruitful, why not try to maintain some of that?

Those 40 days were action packed, including a house break-in (on Ash-Wednesday eve of all days!), a new-(ish) car, my Grandma’s birthday, lots ‘o peace and prayer (which I’m still working on maintaining), AND, most excitingly, a finished proposal paper and presentation, which means I’m officially one step closer to being a Dr.  :)

One of the other exciting things I organized during lent was a talk at our school by the wonderful Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute.  Ever since the Student Conference last year (woah…see a little cameo in those videos there? We’re famous!), I’ve kept in touch with Jennifer and the Ruth Institute, let them know about what I’ve been doing with what I learned (such as contributing to an article in the National Catholic Register!).  When I found out she was going to be in town for another event, I quickly invited her up to come talk at my school as well! And she was generous enough to accept :)

We had a great turnout to a talk entitled “Smart Sex:  Finding Life-long Love in a Hook-up Culture”, the same title as her book, (over 80 people showed up!) and were able to start a good discussion on campus about how to start thinking about how to orient your dating/love life before marriage to help build the foundation for a better marriage later on.  You would be surprised how much of her talk sounds like it would be common sense, but its just not taught that way.  I was stoked to see other students as excited about this message as I am!  Who knows where it will take us!

Anyway, I’m back to post more frequently now.  If there is anyone left who still reads this!

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