Take 7 (10)


I have an article on “Overcoming procrastination” that the Chair of our Department gave all of us students last May.  And I have still not read it.


Yesterday I had the hiccups at my desk and our post-doc asked me, “Did you steal something?”  Apparently in Korea, hiccups mean you stole something.  The things I learn.

(and no, I didn’t).


I turned in a jar of coins that I had on my desk at home.  $77.39!  Not bad!  And what did I do with that $77.39?


I bought a new digital camera!  Yes, after my cord decided to reappear unfortunately the whole camera decided to die.  Coin.star has a cool feature where you can turn your coins into an Amazon.com gift-certificate without it taking the normal 9% of your deposit.  So I did it!  And I feel thrifty.  Still waiting for its arrival.


Its been two years since my Grandma died.  All types of anniversaries hit me hard.  As a little remembrance, I re-read the memory book she wrote for each of us grandchildren about her life.  My favorite are the last few pages where she wrote about each of her sons and how proud she was of them.  And then there are a few pages about how much she loved her husband.  My favorite, favorite page is the last one where my grandpa puts his two-cents in and gushes about how much he loves Grandma and how much he appreciated her sacrifices for their family, like putting up with moving around so much due to the military (they averaged one move a year for at least 12 years – sometimes two).

My dad’s family doesn’t talk about emotions that much so this book is such a treasure to me.  Makes me want to say out-loud how I feel more.  But it also makes me realize that just because its not said, its not appreciated.  I can need too much instant gratification sometimes.  My grandparents seem much more patient.


Hubby’s interview in CA went really well.  I don’t know what this means for our future/house/relationship/families, but I’m happy “nerd nirvana” liked him :)

That being said….


I really, really need to graduate now.  I can’t be the one holding us back!

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5 thoughts on “Take 7 (10)

  1. Your grandma’s book sounds wonderful! What a great way to keep her memory alive — and a great idea for all of us to do with our parents and for our kids. I like it. I hope it’s given you some comfort during this tough anniversary.

    And I’m impressed with CoinStar’s amazon option….thanks for the heads up! Lucky girl with a new camera. Pfft. Not like I’m jealous or anything.

  2. Where is nerd nirvana? When is your expected graduation date? Maybe you need to call me and update me on your life. hahaha.
    Your grandma’s book is awesome! Don’t wait until you are old to write one. Not to be morbid or anything, but not everyone gets to be old.

  3. 1) I started putting bills on my desk to file “later.” Two years later, I can no longer see my desktop.
    2) In the Philippines, shaking your leg means you want to have sex. My mother told me this when I kept shaking my leg in church.
    3/4) Ooh, what cam did you buy? I’m looking to upgrade my regular point & shoot…
    5) I wish my grandmother’d put together a book like that. My mother wants me to write her biography. When I went to Manila last summer, I went through a lot of my grandmother’s closet, and she let me take what I wanted. I suppose that’s what the women in my family do: share clothes. We’re vain.
    6) Ooh, where in CA? Near San Diego? Because you know how I love San Diego, and now that Roxy’s there, there’s more reason to visit… (Well, her… and Jonathan, haha. He keeps asking me to get out there to see him.)

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