New Year 2010

I know I’m a little late ringing in the new year, but its been a busy one so far!  With the in-laws in town and some vague attempts to do work, I really haven’t had time to blog.  Plus, I made some new year’s resolutions that might be affecting my activity on here.  I’m only allowing myself to look at blogs and post during non-regular day working hours (in an effort to pretend/make myself obey a regular working schedule).  At least until March.  Which is when my proposal is due.  Which is so soon!

So, hopefully now that I’ve put this out there to the world I’ll actually follow through on it!


So what else will be new in 2010?

Well, first things first, there will be pictures!  Because I found my camera cord! (yay for cleaning out the cabinets before the inlaws came!)

Wedding in Texas in 2009

After yet another wedding in Seattle during 2009

At yet another wedding in Seattle, 2009

As you can probably guess, I’m counting on 2010 being full of lots of weddings too!

AND we’ve agreed to become certified NFP teacher TRAINERS!  Yahoo!  It’s a long process, but by the end of 2010 we should be well into it.

Hopefully there will be a graduation (my husband’s), hopefully there will NOT be a move, although it is possible, and hopefully there will be a getting of a full time job and the adjustment that accompanies that.

Other than that, I’m. not. planning. anything.  Because when you plan, God laughs, and I’m done having God laugh at me!  (although I feel like just by saying that, He’s now laughing at me.  Hmm.)

So other than that, only God knows what else is in store for us. And although I know I’m in good hands,  I sometimes wish He would tell me.

Good thing I enjoy surprises :)


4 thoughts on “New Year 2010

  1. I never really seriously plan too many things anymore, either. I think it makes a lot of ppl crazy, but I agree w/ you: God’s thrown my “plans” in my face so many times, I just agreed w/ him to let him do everything. And it’s so much less stress!

  2. Yay for pictures! And congrats on finding the balance between what you can control and plan, and what you have to leave for God. I am still far from having that figured out.

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