Take 7 (9)


I went crazy this week.  Like, back-in-time/save the world/extremem-homemaker crazy.

I made my own laundry soap.

Is that crazy?
I’ve wanted to do it for a while.  And this past weekend when I saw that our current laundry detergent was almost gone I jumped at the chance to make my own!

And I did.  And I used it. And it appears to have worked.

Is that crazy or what?


Last week I went and saw the Sound of Music for the first time ever with my husband.  I never realized what a good, wholesome story it is.  They just don’t make them like that anymore!  He bought the tickets for me since he knows I like musicals.  Out of all the people in the audience that night,  we happen to  sit next to two people that we knew (and it turns out many of our friends went that night as well!)

I love how this big city still feels like a small town :)


My parents came into town last week and dropped off some key items that made our house a home.  Things we scooped up on:

two floor rugs,

a quilt made by my mom for our bed (yahoo!),

a quilt rack,

boxes of crystal and china from a great aunt,

a tea cup fountain,

a Christmas tree skirt,

boxes of childhood toys,

planters for the springtime,

and some other stuff that went straight to goodwill :)

How exciting!


I’ll be honest, some days I think the Quick Takes are the only thing that keeps this blog going.


Thanks for all your quirky music suggestions.  I found (remembered) another.  Do you know Regina Spektor?  She’s super talented and has a voice like a bird.  This song is really cute, fits my “quirky” requirement, and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head for hours at a time…


I got my husband the best present ever this year.  So I guess I lied when I said I talk to him about everything before I post it.  Although I have tauntingly told him that, I didn’t tell him what it was.  So I guess I’m still in the clear, since I haven’t told you all what I got him either.  Maybe I’ll post on it after Christmas :)


For this next NFP class we’re starting in January, right now we have NO ONE that we know.  That’s pretty significant for us, since although we’ve now taught 3 complete sessions (9 total classes), we’ve always had at least one couple we know getting married that we’ve managed to coerce into taking our version (hey, we know a lot of people getting married!).  We planned it that way so that we’d be a little more at ease with the teaching since we trusted our friends to give us good feedback.  So now that we’re out on our own, I guess this means we’ve made it in the world, huh?

See Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


7 thoughts on “Take 7 (9)

  1. Hello, I’m visiting from Fumbling Toward Grace’s blog….. I love what I’m reading!

    That’s really cool how you made your own laundry soap! I’ve wanted to try that but never have gotten around to it!

    I think it’s great you are teaching NFP classes! I’m sure you’ll don wonderful even though you don’t know any of the couples! The Holy Spirit will guide you!

  2. I think Sound of Music might be my favorite movie. I’d love to see it live. The only song that I would fast forward through when I was a kid was that one that goes “Somewhere in my childhood I must have done something good…” too mushy for me. I just found out my parents LOVE that song. they are so cheesy.

  3. Pls tell me how you made your own detergent. I need to learn that trick, as the BAT Cave Laundress Extraordinaire. :)

    I think maybe I’m too attached to the movie version of The Sound Of Music. The stage version was lacking, I thought. Still good, but lacking in comparison to the movie. Which is strange, bc I usually think movie adaptations are lame.

    Augh, the Regina Spektor video won’t upload at work, so I don’t know which song that is. I still love “Fidelity,” though. :) She’s really fun live.

  4. If you are crazy for making your own laundry soap then I suppose I am, too. I’ve never stuck with it for long, though. Hope all is well in your world!!

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