Quirky Music

I rediscovered my CD’s in my car this morning.  I admit I have weird agglomeration of music, since I usually don’t look for it myself but go off almost entirely by recommendations, usually from my little brother and friends (like Zhar!).  It fits me though, since my music is quirky much like myself.

I found a CD a friend made for me in college and the first song was by “The Mountain Goats”.  Its called “Jenny” and you can search for it on lala.  I forgot how much I like that song!  Its very raw and the lyrics never quite make sense, but somehow it does.  But the song is so quirky that it just makes me smile.  Makes any sad day new again!

Like here are song of the lyrics:

“you roared into the driveway of our southwestern ranch-style house
on a new Kawasaki, all yellow and black
fresh out of the showroom.
our house faced west,
so the big orange sun positioned at your back,
lit up your magnificent silhouette.
how much better?
how much better can my life get?
900 cubic centimeters of raw whining power.
no outstanding warrants for my arrest.
whoa-whoa. whoa whoa.
the pirate’s life for me.”

I guess it sounds a lot better in song form.

Anyway, I was just looking them up to listen to some more songs, and I saw that they just released a new song.  AND they appeared on the Colbe.rt Report two months ago.  My quirky music going mainstream?

They do sound more polished.

SO anyways, I write this because its been a while since I’ve had any quirky recommendations and its been a while since I’ve had a good need for new music.  Anyone have any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Quirky Music

  1. Born Ruffians, Andrew Bird, any soundtrack composed by Bruno Coulais, The Ditty Bops, The Holloways, Lisa Hannigan, Maximo Park, Matt Pond PA, The Coral

    I have musical schizophrenia as you can tell and love recommending new music! Some of it might be considered “quirky” most of it just falls under my definition of musical awesomeness ;)


  2. I am not quirky – I don’t think I’m cool enough. I guess I’m that nerdy, that even quirky people are above me in the coolness department!

    Anyway, I listen to country music and love it! I’ll throw Darius Rucker out there for you, as I think it’s cool that he switched from mainstream/pop/whathaveyou to country. And that he’s black. Am I allowed to say that? It’s just that there’s only like two black country singers out there, and they’re so great, so I hope more come along! (The other is Cowboy Troy, who performs with Big & Rich sometimes and is lots of fun.)

  3. Dude. I missed this one. I still love MuteMath, and their latest album, Armistice, is AMAZING. Perhaps not *quite* as God-centered as the last two, but amazing nonetheless. Copeland is my all-time favorite, and the fact that they’re breaking up is breaking my heart. Farewell tour’s in the spring. Jamie Lidell is awesome – white boy from England singing r&b/funk/dance-ish type music. Mechanical Boy is a local band w/ a retarded name, but an awesome sound. Mike Mangione performs at a lot of Christopher West events, and he’s got a nice, acoustic sound. Paolo Nutini sounds like he should be Italian, but he’s actually Scottish, and his first album, These Streets, is still one of my favorites. If you like Regina Spektor, check anything Rilo Kiley or Jenny Lewis (the lead singer for Rilo Kiley). Also maybe Rachael Yamagata, whose voice is pretty, but deep. I also like Aslyn a lot. She plays piano pop & has a pretty, smoky voice.

    Ok, that’s just off my most frequently played playlist, but that’s enough for now, I think. :)

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