Take 7 (8)


I ate my salad with a spoon yesterday.  I ran out of forks.  Our other trick is to use 2 knives as chopsticks.  I still opted for the spoon.


I just discovered that my hometown has Google maps street-view now!!!  I’ve been trying to check-in on the old house that I grew up in in order to see how big the tree is that we planted in the front year and sure enough, its HUGE now!!!

In case you’re wondering, we also just found my office-mate’s parent’s house in Gyeongju, Korea.

Google street maps has stiffled productivity today.  If not that, then something else would have!

(seriously, it feels like everyone is already on vacation)


We’re going to buy a Christmas tree this afternoon!  I made an advent wreath after Thanksgiving, I put lights out on our balcony, and I put up our wreath on our front door, so I do have some decorations up!  I’m way more fun to decorated a (town)house than an apartment.  The tree will perfect the house though and make it smell good! :)


This week I’m planning on painting, painting, and more painting.  I have to finish the last few feet of wall in the kitchen, the other 4 walls (yes, somehow there are 5 total…) in our bedroom, AND I would like to finish painting our table/chairs.  Why the rush? Well….


We’re going to have permanent house guests!  Mike’s brother officially got a job here and him and his wife will be moving in with us for a few months starting at the end of this month.  I’m excited to have them here and I have so much to do before then!


I wish I could take pictures to update the process, but alas I still can’t find my camera cord AND we took picture messaging off of my cell phone plan, so now I can’t even email them to myself.  Still taking the pictures, just trying to find a way to work around the technological difficulties….


I’ve taken up knitting.  After three days of knitting in the evenings I’m currently, oh I’d say 1/12 done with my first scarf.

I think this is going to take a while.

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5 thoughts on “Take 7 (8)

  1. I came over from Fumbling Towards Grace! You can get a Flash/Jump Drive with an SD card slot on it – then you can just take the card our of your camera, put it in the drive, and then into the computer :).

    Love your blog – have a few questions I would like to email you about – will work on it soon..

  2. It took me a freaking YEAR to finish my first scarf. I wasn’t slow — just never had enough free time. You know, all the weddings & whatnot, ha.

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