Maybe I’ll get it tattooed

Some days  I just want to take a sharpie and write this on a post-it and carry it around with me all day.  Or maybe write it on my forehead.  Just so I actually remember it and apply it. It just needs to be drilled it into my brain and heart somehow, because while I know that worrying will get me nowhere, I continue to.

Yes, its been one of “those” days/months.

Luke 12: 25-26:  “And which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life’s span? If then you cannot do even a very little thing, why do you worry about other matters?”

…anyone else?


2 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll get it tattooed

  1. Preach it, Sister.

    Anxiety is the story of my life this week. You’re an NFP instructor, so try this on for size. I have PCOS, but with pretty stable cycles, at around 38 days. I always have a luteal phase of 11-12 days. We are trying to conceive; I am currently on day 16 of my luteal phase (cycle day 43). Cause for celebration, right? Except I had a negative pregnancy test this morning. huh?

    I realize it could go two ways: either I’m pregnant and it’s too soon to tell, or I’m not and my body is going haywire. What’s there to do? WAIT. and of course, worry. :(

    Thanks for posting this verse; if you’ve got an extra post-it, I’ll take it!

    • Actually you can still have negative pregnancy tests in the first few weeks while your hormones are building, so don’t be too concerned. Have you googled other pregnancy symptoms to see if you have any? You’re righ, though. Nothing to do but wait :(
      Also, did you ever get a second opinion about your PCOS diagnosis? PCOS is frequently misdiagnosed so that might not be your issue…just a thought…

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