Two sides to every coin

I’m always amazed when I read an issue that’s marketed and reported completely differently from two sources.  Its quite incredible how the same story can be portrayed in an entirely different light depending on what direction the author wanted to go.

And this is why you should always. check. your. sources.

Maybe I’m particularly sentimental to this issue in my own life since if I had listened to the misconceptions of others, then I might not have every made the greatest discovery of my life.

The issue I’m talking about today, though, is the newest news coming out of Uganda.  I found this headline on

Why is Uganda attacking homosexuality?

Woah!  Crazy article there.  Can you imagine what it must be like over in Uganda now?  At least we have the developed world’s perspective.  Interesting.

Now, flip over here to see this headline regarding a story on the exact same issue:

Only two kids? Ugandan attitudes towards homosexuals have a lot to do with their attitudes towards fertility.

Hmm, now that one seems to give a different perspective, one more likely to be of the country’s perspective itself.

I don’t claim to know all the details of this issue, but there you have it.  Two completely different tales, from two different sources, with two different motivations?

Makes me want to think a lot longer than just twice before deciding what an certain issue is really about.

A loooooooot longer.


3 thoughts on “Two sides to every coin

  1. Good point and research (to have the two links). Especially in Africa I try to do some research before speaking. Their culture is so different from our own and even though I studied Africa in college I don’t pretend to be in the know. I think the cnn article points pretty clearly that Americans don’t know what they are talking about sometimes

  2. I think that it’s very interesting that how it is so difficult for us to see where other viewpoints are coming from. The CNN article certainly had no concept of where the Ugandans were coming from and why. The idea that life could be so welcomed and threat to life so feared that they would be willing to take such drastic steps is a something that they can in no way understand. Isn’t it funny that we can all stand up and say how important it is to be open and tolerant to other ideas and cultures, but we still look at them through the lens of our own culture?

    That is not to say that I agree with the bill they are trying to pass. Far from it! But to go into that would be a really long comment…

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