Lasting Impressions

Last week, I surprised my husband in his office on the day before Thanksgiving by bringing him bubble tea!

“Wow, that was a great story!”

Wait! It gets better I promise!

I brought him bubble tea since 4 years before on that very day (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving) we went out on what I believe was our second “date” to go get bubble tea.  We were both leaving for our homes for the holiday weekend that day and had wanted to see each other before we left so we we ran off to the local bubble tea shop, played cards, and spent a few hours talking.

I’ll remember that day forever for four reasons:

1)   This might have been the first time we both began to see how our interest in each other was reciprocated.  The call was made last minute and we both dropped what we were doing to hang out at the drop of a hat.  I think it hit both of us how much we both liked each other.  I think about it and can feel that flutter in my stomach again :)

2)  And we’ll always remember that I won at his card game!  Bwahaha :)

3) We talked about religion (or lack thereof) for the first time.  We were sitting outside since November has the nicest weather here and I heard the bells ring for the Catholic church from across the street, which brought up the fact that he was Catholic and I was not.

4) I made the BIGGEST “foot-in-mouth” comment EVER (yes, related to #3).

“Oh, so you’re Catholic?  Have you seen The Meaning of Life by Monty Python?”  And then (oh yes, brace yourself) I started singing the “Every Sperm is Sacred” song.  Oh yes, I did.  I do these things.  These horribly embarrassing foot in mouth things.  (Hopefully not so much anymore?)

If you don’t know which skit I’m talking about, here it is in all its offensive glory:

To which this wonderfully patient and non-judgmental person I am now lucky to call my husband sat there silently, with a just-long-enough- awkward pause for me to realize that what I had said was horribly offensive.

I laugh thinking about it now.

What was he thinking still talking to me after that?

Well, I know now since he’s told me.

“That is everyone’s first response.  They just don’t understand.  There was enough there to make me want to keep talking to you.”

That silly girl didn’t understand either.  But I’m glad someone saw enough in her to stick around while she figured it out, because while it wasn’t necessary that I become Catholic (from his perspective), it was necessary that we share the same values (from both our perspectives).  So we were going to have to eventually address the whole birth control thing since that’s a show stopper.

My goal these days is to always stand as strong as he did that day when people make similar side comments that offend my faith/beliefs.  Because I know that they are 99% of the time doing it out of a misunderstanding, not because they are trying to be mean.  There’s too much good in everyone.


6 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions

  1. Because I know that they are 99% of the time doing it out of a misunderstanding, not because they are trying to be mean. There’s too much good in everyone.


  2. YUM… I love bubble tea. What a great date – and you know, it’s pretty rare that dating someone actually results in them converting… so it’s amazing it worked out for the two of you!

  3. Okay, I seem to be having some crazy comment issues. I left a first, accidentally unsigned comment, which now seems to have disappeared.

    This is a great story. It is amazing how much can change in four years!

    • hehe, its ok! I think i have some sort of moderation on for first time commentors so that’s why the first one disappeared. i just deleted the other comments so no worries, and thanks for taking the time to comment anyway!!

  4. I remember when he told me about you. :) He said nothing bad, of course. And I’ve never had the patience for Monty Python, and the video won’t load at work, so I’ve no idea what that reference was about. But it’s probably better that way, ha.

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