Take 7 (7)!

I’ve been in a bit a of a funk lately due to several things going on in my life and those close to me right now.   So in an effort to focus on the good that I have been provided (and in honor of Thanksgiving coming up next week) I’m going to do a little “7 Things I’m Thankful For” quick-take.


Words cannot describe how thankful I am for my husband.  He is my solid place.  My comforting place. My laughing place.  My best friend.  He listens to it all and he loves me unconditionally.  Married life with him has changed us both in ways that has made us both much better people, more than I could have imagined it would.  He is in this 1000% and I love him more each day we bring each other closer to God.


I am thankful for the Eucharist.  This week I needed a good long sit with my buddy and at Mass on Wednesday I feel like I just basked in Him.  I really need to go to Adoration and let Jesus help me sort this all out but on Wednesday I felt like I was able to just sit and tune out the rest of the world.  I needed that.


I’m thankful for my “job”, for the opportunity to get paid to do research that I love.  Although most days classify as boring and I really wouldn’t be able to tell you what I did, I feel so grateful for the opportunity to research something that no one else is, and to get paid for it!  I make my own hours and for better or worse, because that sometimes involves sitting in lab at 10pm on a Friday night, I know that I’m ultimately in charge of this project.  I like that freedom.

Me explaining my research at a conference while my little brother awkwardly takes a picture :)


I’m thankful for my comfortable life.  We have two cars (provided by our families – well, mine was), we just bought a home, we have the most comfortable mattress in the world, we can use the miles from conference trips that allow us to visit our families regularly, and we’re still able to tithe and provide for our bills each month, despite neither of us having a “real job”.  I know we live frugally but I can easily say that I do not “need” anything.


I’m thankful for my health.  And my husband’s.  Within two weeks of getting the swine flu he was almost 100% and  somehow I never got it.  Also, my ankle sprain from September is basically completely healed and I’ve been working out regularly.  Our basketball team is even in the playoffs next week!


I’m thankful that my husband found cheap plane tickets home to see my in-laws for Thanksgiving.  Seriously, who cares if we have to fly on Thanksgiving Day (pshhawww…), those things were less than $300!


And….I’m thankful that on most days I get to carpool to work with my husband!  Who knows how long this will last (well, actually I have a firm idea, I’m hoping its around May when he graduates…) but I know that we’ve been very fortunate to work in the same place for the last three years.  It’s been key in helping us form a strong foundation in our relationship and marriage.  Who knows what the next stage of life (a.k.a. the “real world”) will bring!  Maybe our offices will be next door!  (but probably not…)

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2 thoughts on “Take 7 (7)!

  1. Oh, these are so happy! I love them all, and have to say “ditto” for the first one, the second one, the third one, the fourth one, and the fifth one :)

    And flying on Thanksgiving Day isn’t too big of a deal. If I’m recalling right, we flew on Christmas Day last year, and it wasn’t too bad. In fact, it was much less crowded than it would’ve been in the days leading up to it, so we kind of liked that!

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