We all need reminders

I love those little Dove chocolates with the messages in them.  They’re like the new age fortune cookie.

Today I had one (yes, I realize its only 10am…don’t judge), that said:


That was the perfect thing I needed to hear right now.  I actually just stopped for  second and was about to say a prayer to ask for the same thing before I even opened up the chocolate.

Isn’t it funny how even a chocolate company knows our human tendencies are to be selfish and think the world revolves around us?  To focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do?  How throughout our day we need reminders like this if we’re ever to be the people Christ called us to be?  This isn’t stuff relegated to churches on Sundays.

And I just found it in my chocolate!  Who knew Dove knew about original sin.


6 thoughts on “We all need reminders

  1. That is some good chocolate! Ha!

    Alison, I really love your blog; and that photo (I’m assuming from your wedding) is so beautiful. :)

    Thanks for your comments about the chapel veil on my blog. I agree with you that the veil can be a bit showy, especially if you are at a parish with less-than-devout members. I’ve also seen women wear hats (a beret is very common), or a gauzy scarf or other, more plain sort of head covering. Since the practice is completely voluntary, I don’t think there’s any rule that says it must be a chapel veil.

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