Family resemblance

I love my husband’s childhood pictures.  Wasn’t he a cutie?

little mikeyAnd by *wasn’t* I mean, *still is* :)  Just look at him, ever the scholar!


So will our future children get his gene’s or mine?  (or the more probable, 50/50%).  Hmm…I don’t know…after all my side shares a strong family resemblance….



9 thoughts on “Family resemblance

  1. It’s so fun to see what your kids look like. It keeps changing as they get older.
    It is also really fun when my mom tells me the little ways my kids are just like I was at their age… things you can’t teach like how Bryn stays quiet when she thinks she’s in trouble. That was my best trick!

  2. My husband and I are a biracial couple (that sounds so serious!) He’s Mexican and me? Well, I’m about as white as they come. At any rate, we have four children with varying skin colors and even hair types. But they all just “match” each other somehow. You can tell they belong in the same family.

    I love the pictures you posted!

    • hmm, i hate to split hairs (ok, i lie, actually a favorite pastime), but did you know that mexican/white marriages are technically not interracial? i learned this at a hispanic conference last year. apparently a scientific organization had to do a large and embarrassing retraction on their “interracial marriage findings” because they included white/hispanic marriages. that’s because “hispanic” isn’t a separate race! intriguing huh?
      actually race in general is an ambiguous idea, but I digress.
      so i guess we’re not as exotic as we thought we were!

      • Oh, split away! I knew that about the term Hispanic and I never use it to describe my husband because of the exact reason you mentioned. He and his family are proud to be Mexican. Which means I’m doing a sad job of teaching my kids Spanish… bad mom.

      • oh man i opened a box of worms! So as i learned, there are technically only 4-5 “races”. Regardless of the demarcations, Mexico is a country, not a race. Are they Mexican or Mexican American? Either way it sounds like pride in their nationality/ethnicity/culture, these things being very definitive and distinct, especially given the language difference, but not exactly “race”.
        At least as far as our country describes it. On any government form first you fill out “ethnicity” (i.e. Hispanic or non-Hispanic) and then you fill out your “race” (American Indian or Alaska Native; Asian; Black or African American; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; and White).

        Its tricky though since to the older generations “Hispanic” is actually an offensive term! I know my husband’s dad prefers Latino or Chicano (since they’re Mexican-American).

        Regardless, yay for Mexican(American) husbands! I may be biased, but I think they are the best :)

  3. you should see my friend sarah’s halfie kids. they really get the best of both worlds in exotic combos… although not as exotic as gerber daisies. send me that photo! i’ve missed it!

  4. Very interesting. Yes, I think Mexican-American husbands are great, too! To answer, though, I suppose he’s both Mexican AND Mexican-American??? He was born in Mexico but has always lived in the US, in a border town. The interesting thing I found out about border towns, after meeting my husband, is just how close to the border they really are. When my husband’s family first said we were going to Mexico for dinner I settled in for a trip. Nope, five minutes, we were at the border! Fascinating. A whole different country is just.right.there.

  5. When I was a kid, I never knew what box to check. I had race/nationality/ethnicity/etc all kinds of mixed up. The Philippines is included in Asia, right? But aren’t we also Pacific Islanders? The Philippines are islands in the Pacific. But I was born in California. So confused. Now I refer to myself as “mysteriously ethnic,” haha.

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