Beans and Rice

This past weekend we went to yet another wedding, this time my cousin’s and it was up in New Hampshire.  The exasperation you may have just picked up on was not due to the fact that I hate weddings (I love them actually.  Its a great combination of celebration, entertainment and an opportunity to renew your own vows!) but more along the lines of, “I’m really tired from traveling for all these out of town weddings.”  Luckily for us, that was the last wedding out of town this wedding season! That was the second this month, but I think it was particularly hard with the hubby recovering from the flu the other week too.

And it may have also been hard since this wedding was literally in the middle of nowhere.

Seriously.  We flew into Providence, RI and still had to drive over 2 hrs to get there! (Which also means there was another 2 hr trip back to the airport!)

BUT, the timing was right, the cause was good, the leaves were turning colors you don’t see in Texas unless its at a football game, and so, never having been up to New England before, we hopped at the opportunity to go explore the area and see some family that I’ve known little about my whole life (thank you, US military, for keeping us literally across the world our entire lives).

It was totally worth it. But then again,  is it ever not?

I got to hear some hilarious stories from the bride and groom, meet another cousin’s husband, drive through the New England countryside, see a long lost aunt and hear another sing, and, probably my favorite part of the trip, got to spend a lot of quality time with my brother, who I missed seeing last week and haven’t seen since his last tour to Iraq.  We had some heart to heart conversations, which feel too far and few between since we’ve grown up.

Unfortunately, our pocketbooks did a lot more “giving” than “receiving”, as so be expected, even though we tried to make this trip as economical as possible by sharing a hotel room and getting super cheap plane tickets (involving getting up at 3 am to get to the airport on time!).

So last night, as my husband was totaling exactly how much we spent on the trip – and it was still slightly more than planned – I  just joked  “Oh well, I guess we’ll just eat beans and rice until next month!”

And then I looked down as I was cleaning the dishes and realized that’s literally exactly what we had done.  Just substitute “rice” with “tortillas”!


And we will probably eat this for the rest of the week.  Because when you make beans, you make beans for days!

Good thing I love beans, so this doesn’t even feel like a sacrifice!


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