Citizen Magazine

Did a write-up on the Ruth Institute Marriage Conference I went to this August!

I just got a copy and although I’m bummed I’m not quoted, at least I got my picture in there a few times!  Can you find me?  It’s like ‘Where’s Waldo’!


Favorite Quotes:

“College students are making decisions for the rest of their lives, and they don’t realize it,” she said. “They have plenty of people telling them how to get into graduate school or how to prepare for law school, but they have no one giving them realistic advice about what to look for in a spouse, how to conduct yourself while dating, what to do and not do about sex, cohabitation and hooking up. There are a lot of things young people do that are really sabotaging their chances for lifelong married love, and they don’t realize it.”

“I don’t think many people understand that if you want to solve social-justice issues, then you start with the family,” she said. “If a person isn’t experiencing love in his or her own family, they’re never going to be able to embrace these issues like poverty and hunger. If you didn’t receive that love, you won’t have that love to give.”

“The whole sex-ed way of thinking — ‘Just use a condom, and everything will be OK’ — is a very superficial view of the human condition and human sexuality,” she said. “We’re connected to that whole set of activity, and it has big effect on us.”

Check it out here!


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