Home Update!

After all of that house drama, the home we made an offer on finally became ours while I was in China.  And what’s more, is we’ve been living there for about two weeks now!  As I mentioned before, I went kamikaze on the painting in the living room but thankfully my husband followed along willingly.  We still don’t have all of it painted , but I have some pictures of what we have painted!

They’re not the best quality since they’re with my camera phone, but you can get the picture!


(we want to paint the wall with all the windows, we just know it will take forever so we’re taking a break for now)


From the other angle. Our future plans include staining our table that I got from an ex-graduate student and more difficult, painting the kitchen.  I really have no idea what to do about that kitchen.  What color goes with green?  What about that area underneath the bar, should it be green or kitchen color?  What’s tricky about the kitchen is then, do we paint the huge wall on the stairs the same color as the kitchen?  (you can see it in the picture below…)

living 4Husband siting!  I’m of the mind to just paint everything green just to keep it simple, but a little voice in my head (my husband’s) is telling me that’s probably not a good idea.  I really need one of those reality shows to help me out right about now!  I can’t even pick matching clothes, let alone paint colors!

Oh, and just so you know, that tiny little TV in the corner?  The one with bunny ears?living2FIXIts my husband’s dream to replace that with a giant 52in. flat screen upgrade.  The funny thing is, that since our time in this home (Oct. 1st officially) neither one of us has even plugged that little guy in.  And we don’t have cable.

I can see us getting a mattress first, because this is what our masterbed room looks like right now:


Ouch!  Splinters in my back!

6 thoughts on “Home Update!

  1. Congrats on the house! That is a milestone I have yet to reach in my life. Instead I like to watch HGTV – my favorite show being color splash. My advice – paint the far wall the same green all the way across and paint that same color on the side of the breakfast bar that faces the dining room. As for the other color (besides green) there are a lot of ways you can go. If you want soothing I would go with a color that is close to the green with maybe more blue tones in it. If you want complimentary colors that would be from the reds family. It wakens up the area and provides energy. If you look up “art color wheel” from google you would see what I am talking about. You can’t go wrong when you pick from colors that are either right next to each other or directly across. It is harder when you try combing colors from other areas. I would probably paint the large wall the kitchen color. Good luck with the decisions.

    • wow, thanks for your ideas! we like them and will let you know what we choose! feel free to leave me any other hints as i am clearly inept :)

      • To expand on my hint about the half wall under the breakfast bar – if you paint it the green it will fade away and make the space feel more open and bigger. If you wanted to make a bolder statement with that wall it could be the kitchen color or a different color all together, but that might make the dining room feel small. Also, when I said paint the far wall all the way across I meant the living/dining/kitchen wall that was mostly painted – just finish over the cabinets (not sure if I was clear). It will unify the whole space.

  2. Ha, well I’m glad someone else had color advice, as I am also inept :) But just wanted to say that everything looks great! And I love your bed! Will you be painting the bedroom as well, or taking a break after getting the main area done?

  3. And it looks even better in person!! :)

    I have no idea what would match with that color green! You could do a darker version of the same, blue or maybe a light gray? A few of my friends have gray walls and I think it looks great.

  4. Oh, my goodness, I’m totally coming over whenever there’s a show in the warehouse district, hahaha. (PS – MUTE MATH! Warehouse Live on Oct 30! Jeannette & I have VIP tickets!)

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