One year ago…

…(and two days) I stood before God, my family, and friends and committed myself to this man, no matter what happens, for the rest of my life.

Alison and Michael Ceremony-99

Lucky for me, he did the same!  :) The priest said it was the biggest risk of our lives, but I can’t imagine having it any other way.  This year has been full of more laughter, learning and fun than I ever thought possible.  We definitely had a great year.  And to think we’ve only just begun! Here’s to us babe!

Alison and Michael-1193

A few fun things that I’ve learned after this year…

  • There is nothing oppressive with making dinner and having it ready to eat right when my husband gets home.  He likes it and I like making him happy!
  • I’ve learned that cooking really does take a while to get good at, but luckily, I married a human trash compactor so in case I try something and don’t succeed (or the recipe is gross) my husband will eat it all the same.
  • My husband treats everyone the same, no matter how much they wrong him, no matter how hurt he is (which is usually not a lot since everything rolls off his back!).  I’m trying to take notes.
  • If I am a lot less tense (and annoyed), my husband is a lot less tense (and therefore happier).
  • My senior year  in college I applied for a grant aimed to “expand your horizons” and help you “see the world”, with which I would travel to Thailand, India, Peru, and Ghana for a year studying textiles.  I didn’t get the grant (but they congratulated me on first runner up…almost worse…) but I find it amazing that during my first year of marriage I went to two of those four countries I wanted to! (and the third I went to the summer after my senior year!)  What will the second year of marriage hold…Ghana perhaps??? Ha!  So what did I learn from that?  Your life doesn’t end when you get married.  It’s a new beginning :)
  • NFP really works, as in, its effective. AND it does all those other things everyone is always talking about…
  • You CAN convert someone to being a cuddler!  I never thought it was possible!
  • When the photographer says “order your wedding pictures immediately, otherwise you probably won’t do anything with them EVER”, they might be right.  I still need to cash in our credit from our photographer!

Anyway, that’s all I got right now.  Hopefully more comes with the next year!

Alison and Michael-664


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