Take 7 (4)

These are pretty light this week, but that’s because I’m leaving all my big thoughts for their own posts :)


I bought a tool set for our lab yesterday and when I got back to the office I discovered that in order to open it you needed a screwdriver.  Does that make any sense?


There’s something about moving into a new place and spending all your money on a down payment that makes you ripe for Craig’s List addiction.  Seriously that site is so beautiful.  Not only did I buy our couches on there, but I sold our old bed and couch in one day.  ONE DAY.  People are fierce on that site.  I didn’t even have to move anything!  Met some interesting characters too.  I highly recommend it!


The “I-really-seriously-need-to-do-research” flame has been reignited!  If I will have any hope of getting out of here around Jan. 2011, I need to buck up and make some magic happen in the lab asap.  I have a lot to do until then, but my hubby is applying for some really cool opportunities after he graduates (in May) and I really, really don’t want to get left behind! [Only joking, he would never leave me behind!  On purpose at least.]


It’s amazing how a fluffy mattress pad can make an old, hard mattress much more comfortable to sleep on.  I don’t know why we didn’t do this little trick earlier on in our marriage!


I forced my way into getting the house painted faster than my husband would ideally have liked to by randomly buying a sample can of painting and basically throwing it up on the wall I wanted to paint.  I did this all within the first 3 days of moving into our new house!  Passive aggressive, I know.  Or maybe just aggresive.  We hadn’t even moved all the furniture over from the old place yet!  Hehe.  My husband was a little annoyed, but I convinced him to work with me this weekend to just paint that one wall as an “accent” wall. There’s something about a new coat of paint that makes a place feel like your own, ya know?

Luckily* we both like the color!

(*Ok, it wasn’t chance.  We toured a house a while back and we both raved about the color.  A friend and I hunted down that color like mad women and the rest is history.  Silver sage in case you’re interested!  Don’t worry, I know you’re not :)


I get to see my older brother in exactly 2 weeks!  I haven’t seen him since he left for the Middle East for the 4th time last April, although I have talked to him on the phone.  Anyway, it will be really good to catch up with him and have our little family reunion!


In addition to seeing my older brother, I get to see my sister and her family again as well!  We’re supposed to be going for football game or something (ahem), but considering half of us don’t even have tickets, we all know that this is just an excuse to get everyone together!  I saw her back in August when I flew up after the birth of my little nephew, who was then just a tiny 8 lbs. at just under 2 weeks old.  Now look at this chunker!

Little Gordito!

Little Gordito!

I hope that satisfied your cute baby fix :)

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5 thoughts on “Take 7 (4)

  1. i did the same thing with craigslist when we got here. i couldn’t stop checking it and selling things. until i got tired of getting low-balled for good things. my bedroom furniture sold like hot cakes. do you think my old 19″ tv without a converter box will? haha

    i like silver sage. that’s what i wanted for my bedroom. not what we did.

    we learned the same mattress lesson. what size did you get? i hope you went big.

    i love my chunk!

    loved the china pictures


    2) I am Craig’s List retarded, but I maybe want to use it to find Lucky a good home when I move into the city next year. Help? Neither Laura or Jeannette know how, haha. Their fiances do it for them.

    4) I’m still using the same mattress from when I was six. That’s 20 years now. I’ll upgrade after Laura moves in w/ Mike, and I can get the bedframe she’s using now, haha.

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