Donating your body to science

Being the true engineering nerds we are, my husband and I agreed to donate our bodies to science!


Ha, we’re actually participating in a study on natural family planning through Marquette University to determine the effectiveness of two internet based methods.  It’s pretty awesome.  No more paper charts for me!  Its a randomized stud.  One method uses the Clear Blue Easy Fertility monitor to directly measure the hormones I discussed here and the other method uses more “traditional”, secondary observations, if you get what I’m saying :)  Just to keep it interesting, I’m not going to tell you which one we got !  Heh heh.

Buy anyway, if you’re interested in postponing pregnancy for a year try out the study over here and see if you’re eligible.  It was a lot of soul searching to figure out if this was right for us but ultimately I think the amount of couples that fall under the “not trying for a baby but we’d also love to have one” category is pretty small, so we felt like we should step up.  Most people want to have absolute control over this aspect of their lives and can’t really understand that mentality.

But, if you’re not necessarily wanting to postpone for an entire year but still interested in the study?  You can also sign up for this 6 month study to give them feedback about the website and automatic fertility algorithm here.

Incidentally, that website is also really helpful with answering other basic NFP questions.

Happy (electronic) charting!

2 thoughts on “Donating your body to science

  1. Stumbled on your blog from someone else’s – Thought about doing that Marquette study also, but an impending move and husband’s erratic work schedule left me skittish. Plus I thought I’d accidentally cheat if sent the monitor. How’s it going?

    • Thanks for commenting! “Accidentally cheat” by using the other observations? Many people in the study have used other NFP methods before so I think its hard not to notice those observations anyway. I’ve had two long international trips during the study where I thought the online access would be difficult but it has actually been very easy to keep up with. We were also slightly concerned since it only uses one sign to check, but it turns out that the method we got is somehow more conservative than what we used before. And I have enjoyed not taking my temperature everyday! All in all we are really happy with it so far.

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